I'm here...

Anytime you need me...
Hey there HalfDemon Inuyasha! I really miss talkin to yea. =( Well anyways, I hope to hear from you soon.

PS- Check out my neo-home! ^o^

I was thinking about you, and I do say you need some cheering up, so here I am to save the day!! Yay!!!!! lol I know, I'm a nerd, but I try ^^ Anyway, here are some stamps I thought you might enjoy to go with your collection of stamps from friends, so here ya go:

Hope you like And I hope that things go much better for you *hugs*

You have been signed and stamped by the very cute
I just felt like signing your guestbook, so, here it is!
Hope you like the pic!

Hey! How's it going? Nothing much here cept for signing your gb. Don't forget to sign mine too!
Hi, I am on a signing spree but please sign back if you could.
happy valentine to you~! wish everyone happy forever

my favourite guitarist~
Looking though peoples guestbook and stamping them as i go Ur just another Victum that i have to stamp....


now get out of my sight. xD
just kidding.

Sowwies for the lateness.


now get out of my sight. xD
just kidding.

Sowwies for the lateness.

happy new year from angelic_layer! bah, i'm stamping everywhere!
Well, you obviously know your music and i respect you for that. Keep up the good work!

Sign Back.........BITCH!
My friend _Shinigami_ was talking a lot about you. Plus I've seen you around here and there. So I'm here to invade your guestbook. >=)

I have seen you round the Tales of Symphonia forum, so I figured it would only be nice to stamp you.

I'll stamp you with all my stamps later.

Those Pumpkins Look Horny! =O

Joyous Hallow's Eve
€€ Hey HDI, how the heck have you been?
I've been busy so I havn't had the time to drop by and say hi.

So what keeps you busy on Neo?
Well Gtg, keep on posting!

Eagle Eye.
P.S, sign back if you want.
hey there! I'm happy to be talkin to ya.. ur a great friend! well anyways talk to ya later! byes! ^_~


I hope you like these stamps!
Just passin through to say hi. I like your username BTW. ^-^
Woah your post count scares me. 0_0

Have one of my crappy stamps:


Take care!



hey HDI! i saw you like Inu so i decided to sign your guest book

hope you like the stamps! wanna be NeoFamily?
take care!

high times
I feel so fine
stiggidy booms
gonna make you high

Testing, Testing, Testing...
<>Gas bar not finish<>

Hey!! I've seen ya around the ToS forums so I thought I might give ya a stampie!! Maybe a PM when I'm done

-Angel Blade27-
---------( . Y . )----------

Yeah-Seen you around heaps in DY4.XL Forums-So yeah-Wanna be mates -so i sign ya first anyways-If you wanna return the favour, Just Click the link Below!!!
[link name= GUESTBOOK!!-MINE] http://www.neoseeker.com/members/guestbook/Vorpal_Sima+Yi/[/link]
Hey Hey Hey I've seen you in the forums and I have decided to stamp your guestbook MUHAHAHAHAH... umm... please sign back. Oh hope you like the stamp^_^