I'm here...

Anytime you need me...
_Shinigami_ HalfDemon Inuyasha
Jan 29, 06 8:43pm
Hey there HalfDemon Inuyasha! I really miss talkin to yea. =( Well anyways, I hope to hear from you soon.

PS- Check out my neo-home! ^o^

AprilAKitty HalfDemon Inuyasha
May 05, 05 5:09am
I was thinking about you, and I do say you need some cheering up, so here I am to save the day!! Yay!!!!! lol I know, I'm a nerd, but I try ^^ Anyway, here are some stamps I thought you might enjoy to go with your collection of stamps from friends, so here ya go:

Hope you like And I hope that things go much better for you *hugs*

You have been signed and stamped by the very cute
I just felt like signing your guestbook, so, here it is!
Hope you like the pic!
AprilAKitty HalfDemon Inuyasha
Apr 11, 05 5:20am

Hey! How's it going? Nothing much here cept for signing your gb. Don't forget to sign mine too!
JT2200 HalfDemon Inuyasha
Mar 19, 05 6:17am
Hi, I am on a signing spree but please sign back if you could.
angelic_layer HalfDemon Inuyasha
Feb 07, 05 10:21am
happy valentine to you~! wish everyone happy forever

my favourite guitarist~
KougasGrl01 HalfDemon Inuyasha
Feb 05, 05 12:24am
Looking though peoples guestbook and stamping them as i go Ur just another Victum that i have to stamp....

Unspoken HalfDemon Inuyasha
Jan 04, 05 2:24am

now get out of my sight. xD
just kidding.

Sowwies for the lateness.

Unspoken HalfDemon Inuyasha
Jan 04, 05 2:24am

now get out of my sight. xD
just kidding.

Sowwies for the lateness.

angelic_layer HalfDemon Inuyasha
Dec 31, 04 11:25am
happy new year from angelic_layer! bah, i'm stamping everywhere!
Matt v1 HalfDemon Inuyasha
Dec 16, 04 2:15am
Well, you obviously know your music and i respect you for that. Keep up the good work!

Sign Back.........BITCH!
Chobi HalfDemon Inuyasha
Nov 05, 04 10:01pm
My friend _Shinigami_ was talking a lot about you. Plus I've seen you around here and there. So I'm here to invade your guestbook. >=)

Shadow Mover HalfDemon Inuyasha
Nov 05, 04 6:01pm
I have seen you round the Tales of Symphonia forum, so I figured it would only be nice to stamp you.

I'll stamp you with all my stamps later.
Soraslight HalfDemon Inuyasha
Oct 27, 04 1:07am

noob N master HalfDemon Inuyasha
Oct 26, 04 8:51pm

Those Pumpkins Look Horny! =O

Joyous Hallow's Eve
Eagle Eye HalfDemon Inuyasha
Oct 16, 04 2:33am
€€ Hey HDI, how the heck have you been?
I've been busy so I havn't had the time to drop by and say hi.

So what keeps you busy on Neo?
Well Gtg, keep on posting!

Eagle Eye.
P.S, sign back if you want.
_Shinigami_ HalfDemon Inuyasha
Oct 14, 04 6:53am
hey there! I'm happy to be talkin to ya.. ur a great friend! well anyways talk to ya later! byes! ^_~


I hope you like these stamps!
Sosai X HalfDemon Inuyasha
Oct 10, 04 4:00pm
Just passin through to say hi. I like your username BTW. ^-^
Woah your post count scares me. 0_0

Have one of my crappy stamps:


Take care!



hey HDI! i saw you like Inu so i decided to sign your guest book

hope you like the stamps! wanna be NeoFamily?
take care!
Tres HalfDemon Inuyasha
Oct 07, 04 11:49pm

high times
I feel so fine
stiggidy booms
gonna make you high

Testing, Testing, Testing...
<>Gas bar not finish<>

Angel Blade HalfDemon Inuyasha
Oct 07, 04 3:15am
Hey!! I've seen ya around the ToS forums so I thought I might give ya a stampie!! Maybe a PM when I'm done

-Angel Blade27-
---------( . Y . )----------

Yeah-Seen you around heaps in DY4.XL Forums-So yeah-Wanna be mates -so i sign ya first anyways-If you wanna return the favour, Just Click the link Below!!!
[link name= GUESTBOOK!!-MINE] http://www.neoseeker.com/members/guestbook/Vorpal_Sima+Yi/[/link]
DDRJaco HalfDemon Inuyasha
Oct 06, 04 1:51am
Hey Hey Hey I've seen you in the forums and I have decided to stamp your guestbook MUHAHAHAHAH... umm... please sign back. Oh hope you like the stamp^_^
DQ Maniac HalfDemon Inuyasha
Oct 02, 04 5:11pm