I'm a middle school student, I just turned 13, my full name is Jason Alan Andres, I live in York, South Carolina, which is a horrible place to grow up in thanks to all the *bleep**ng jerks and jackasses that live nearby and go to school with me, and coincidentally, I'm plenty more smarter than my age in terms of actions, behavior, but definitely not personality. I'm a fun loving guy who is not a jerk or a chav or some jackass piece of sh*t who thinks he's all that, I just have some god **** respect for other people, anyways, being as this space is so so damn empty because I'm out of things to write I'll just treat it as a weekly journal, so here's this weeks entry

Deary Rodney - Dec. 14th, 2007

For the past week I've been sick with the following, flu, runny nose, and I mean runny enough to consume 100 complete tissues, and I've been getting a hell load of colds lately as well, out of all honesty, I haven't been feeling my best recently but hell, I'm getting better, I watching another Jackie Chan movie today called Tuxedo, it was really good and I enjoyed it but I'm emo now that it's over and if you actually are going to believe bullsh*t like that then just stop reading this diary altogether, kthnbai !


Many things in this glorious world interest my so let's break them down for the NJ Hobo's, shall we ? First of all, I'm addicted to Horror flicks and Jackie Chan movies as a Drunken Bum is addicted to alcohol and Nicotine. I absolutely love to play video games, specifically and skateboarding video game, especially tony hawk, which also coincidentally is the main skateboarding video game series, as if there are any other series and sporting games such as NBA Live 08 or Madden o8, but besides that I love Neoseeker and will edit/update this later
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