Jo Einstein McGregor H_o_p_e
Feb 24, 08 7:02am
hi its jo
just stopping by
probably the last time you'll here from me since im now perma banned
and guys below me.
Why not hit your step-dad back.
Or while you where out for 2 days,why not go to the police?
I dont know what hapened between you and hope,but your story is kinda sad.
Tancuras H_o_p_e
Feb 13, 08 1:56pm
So I should be utterly ashamed of myself for getting really pissed and posting something about my parents because they kicked me out of my house for the weekend for skipping an afternoon of school? Not to mention my step-dad smashed my face into a wall before I left.

I wasn't trying to get attention. Maybe it wasn't clear, but I was trying to bring people to light of the abuse my parents are responsible for and possibly get some support before I begin having suicidal thoughts. Oh, I should've known it was Neoseeker's infamous Loungin' and only THREE *bleep*ING PEOPLE gave me any sympathy, not including your arrogant ass.

If you read the rest of my posts in my thread you would've known what actually happened. I was short on time as my parents were marching down the stairs at the time, about to rip me out of my room and toss me outside, and that's why the first post didn't explain properly what I was trying to tell everyone.

The second post was true. If you people weren't bent on ruining people's lives and gaining more post count, and you actually tried to make me feel better about the situation we would've gotten along. I was GOING to edit my first post explaining the entire thing but some dick reported it before I had the chance.

I finally came around when Gameplay actually tried to stick up for me. At least he has even the slightest bit of decency.

So, what you're telling me is that I should be ashamed of sticking up for myself when I'm grinding with abusive and overstrict parents. Yeah, you're *bleep*ing nothing. You're *bleep*ing inhuman if you actually support the shit I've been through. Do you beat your *bleep*ing kids? Your innocent 15-year-old son who has outstanding academics and just wants to get by in life, minding his own business? Do you abuse him into depression?

Maybe when you open your mind to the shit going on around you and stop being a stuck-up knob, YOU will understand how much people less fortunate than you have to put up with.

Good day you piece of shit.
MyLifeIsRandom H_o_p_e
Oct 31, 07 7:20am

For being the man whom came out and said he liked my writing, without feeling the need to oversahdow it with everything he thought was wrong with it. Expect to be the first to read my next addition to the story, as I'll be sure to PM it to you a day or two before the initial post.