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Oct 25, 15 6:42pm

Back in the day when I was little, I was heavily into Pokemon, mainly the games and the cards. Unfortunately I just missed th

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Oct 23, 15 1:17pm

Looking for a Japanese Ditto so I can try breed some legit shinies, ideally would help if it was 6 IV as it would help for co

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Aug 31, 15 5:24pm

I know there has been a lot of talk about the next Pokemon release, and most people believe it's going to be a X2/Y2, or

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Dec 30, 14 5:55pm

This goes for in-game battles in ORAS and I guess online on showdown, obviously if I'm going to have battles on there, I&

Dec 18, 12 5:21pm
Snakes with tits. Nothing more, nothing less.
Aug 26, 11 4:49am
Is this supposed to be Facebook?

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