I'm just sending some inspiration your way, Ty. Remember, anything is possible if you put your mind and soul to it. I hope you are doing okay, and that you are safe and happy. Hope to talk to you soon =].

Your friend,

Yo ty happy Easter! Hope ya have a great one and you get to eat tons of chocolate lol. Don't eat so much that you throw up though! If you look at the stamp, one of those easter eggs are made of choccolate, Find it you get to eat it! omg! lol so i'll cya later.

Have A Great Easter,
Your Friend,
Emzly, aka Gray_Shadow
I dont wanna die! So im stamping you!!!


Hey ty (insert what the stamp says here)!! lol, its a simple stamp but it looks cool right? sweetness! hope your day was like you, cool (hey, 3 cool things!), and that the rest of your day is too

~T-Hagebones-ownes-a-monster Rocks!~ (lol)
~U Rock!~

Hey Ty, Happy Valentines -gives chocolate- Hope you enjoy my evilishly cool stamp! lol
ok, i finally got a chance to stamp you back! and theres no one watching from over my sholder spying on me, wow that's never happened be4! well heres the stamp I made

and yep! made in red!



My stamp pwns. It's a tad small so I have to type a lot. Hage rules and stuff. lol


NAME: Mr. Real canadian parmesian egghead is my name, don't wear it out!!!! lol


yo whats up? thx 4 signing my GB, stamped ya back!

made it in paint, lol

It was my 1st attempt I hope that you likey, you beast! lol JOKE

Good job
Hello, sorry that that guy seeded you, he was mean I hope that I can help you to re-build your town. yay le'l Do I smell cookies? lol
I think that I first sign your guestbook, add me to neo friends If U ask me for wi-fi sry I do not have Sooo what U have for lunch? Pizza? I hope