What up H2daOV, just dropped by to give you my tasty stamp, i saw you in open mic as well, nice.
Your guestbook looks like it needs a friend, so I'm gonna sign it. I saw you in neo open mic and you're pretty good. Hope to talk to ya sometime. Sign back when you can.

This is my 100% brand new stamp, made by...ME! Enjoy...

See ya around!
You seem like a cool/funny guy. We both like rap, and I'm not sure if you dis-like japanize or noy... I do! PM me to be friends and sign back... Maybe we can battle sometime?

I am NOT an animalist:#! I don't think you even know what it means! At least I even care about the tragic death of that swan!
quote H2daOV
Get me.

It's a swan.

You wouldn't be crying if it was a pigeon would you?

Pigeons have feelings too! I don't ususlly get angry like this, but I feel really offended when called "animalist" of something. You obviously don't care about what that poor swan went through! Now, the other swan won't leave the nest. So, how would you feel if someone stoned you?!
So now we are in the rearranging phases of our crew. Pretty soon we will come back stronger than ever and crush all the other Emcees on Neoseeker.
Thought I'd sign your guestbook as I've seen you around the UK forum, defending rappers and rap music, and I'd have to say you made a very sound argument against Tec9!!

So anyways hope to see you around the forums and sign back if you want!!
Your guestbook has been signed by whom? Guess.

See you around H2daOV. Sign back if you want...
Signing cuse your a part of my crew and hopefully you keep up the good work. I see a lot of pontential in you boy and if you keep doing your thing, you'll be at the top in no time. You might turn into the best eva, we'll see.

Sign back if ya can....
I decided to sign your guestbook because you seem to be an intelligent thinker when it comes to discussion on Neoseeker. I enjoy reading your posts because they are filled with well figured thinking and typing. Keep posting!

Message : Hey H2daOV I used to see you a lot in the Day OF Reckoning forum but you haven't posted there in a while. You seem like a cool guy so I thought I would sign. Sign mine when you get the chance.