I'm just going around signing GB's so heres a stamp^_^

*singing* Set sail for One Piece, It's the name of the treasure, in the grand line...

Well done posting at Neoseeker.Keep it Up and I hope that you will fulfill your dream by becoming a Future JSF Pilot.
You wanted that cookie so I said heck forget one cookie might as well make a whole batch just for you
Thanks for the nice g-book signing and I dont mind putting up with people and their questions I only get agrivated when people ask the same question over and over when the get the same answer... thats when I get annoyed

You know to much about Sony and There systams

Thanks for the help, you almost help everyone in the PSP and PS2 forum.

Nice work.

Hey there, I am signing Your guestbook because redemption told me to sign every member's g-book, hey I can complain I get paid 20 bucks a month. Anyways sign back.
Hey man, I noticed you wanted to be a JSF pilot and live in Fort Worth. I actually plan on joining the Air Force here in San Antonio at Lackland AFB. Perhaps by some slim chance i will see you up in the air one day. Well, until then I will see ya around the forums. laterz
Hvala sto si mi potpisu knjigu od gosta! Evo ti sad ovo sranje:

Vidicemo se,
I thought you might like this stamp.

Please return the gesture.

Oh, and we would really appreciate your signature.

Happy posting,

Hey guticb, I see you around the the PSP forums and just thought I would sign your guestbook. Thanks for all your help on the forums too.
Hey there guticb

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo
Here ya go, have a stamp, a beautiful stamp!

Don't worry. I'll feature snowpeas l8er on. They're never left out.
If you received this entry, then I guess I've seen you somewhere.
Have a good time on Neoseeker, and feel free to sign back.

I'm out.

~You got pwn3d...~
Hi guticb. Since you dont have that many entries, I thought that I would sign your GB! Well, how'd you come up with the name guticb? Well, see ya' around!
I am the first one to sign your G-book. YAY! I am so happy! I have accomplished something in my life! Now I just have to find a cure for cancer and my life is complete. Well, that can wait a few years. I could keep talking (believe me I could) but I have places to go, things to break, stuff to steal. See ya!