I'm bored and you're not online. >:

    Sad day. ;_____;
NT is going to sign your guestbook! Be happy! Just kidding. XD

It's always fun to talk to you! I love your fanfics by the way!

Why didn't you tell me Pikachu_2006 was your neo-sis? That's great! That means that you're officially my neo-brother in law, and my neo-brother if I wasn't neo-married to Pikachu_2006. To being Neo-brothers! I look forward to a lasting friendship.

Hi, my friend. How are you? Just noticed that no-one else has signed your guestbook, so I though I'd come and be the first to sign it because you are a great friend. Anyway, what signing would be complete without a stamp or two? Not mine, that's for sure. Here you are.

Here's a few sprites I got from Emily.

I've never tried the last one, so I hope it works.