Lv 24 here i come been stuck at 23
You'll Never know untill you try
You'll Never know untill you try
hello hru you all long time no talk lol pokemaniac_Y BIRO Shayne Shadic Hearts MidnightXS
Zup... LTNS, man. xD

What if I was in the hospital _____/\_____/\_____/\_____ You wouldn't know if _______/\_______/\_______ It just stopped ________________________ Like if you'd care if I logged off for the last time. Comment a ♥ if you'd miss me. Repost if you'...

Finished pokemonEmarld gym badge #2
Sup sup? Hadn't seen ya in a while...
Rancid - black lung
megaman starforce 3 awsome as hell 030
been addicted to breaking bad for like 2 weeks o3o
Serj Tankian - Empty walls (Listens to it for the 2000 th time :D
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