The Omega Guezz whoez back
Oct 21, 08 12:20am
Love the Office quote in your signature. Glad you fixed Michael's name as well

Jackal_Man Guezz whoez back
Oct 21, 08 12:19am
"Guezz whoez back"

sumbodi tht dosnt no how to sp311?

Watch the shadows for they may be watching you, Enter the Darkness
Amy Guezz whoez back
Oct 20, 08 2:28am

La la la, oldies lounge are making a big comeback for guestbooks woot~.
Ecto Guezz whoez back
Oct 19, 08 10:52pm

Stamped by Ecto5! It's just like old times all over again!
TurMoiL911 Guezz whoez back
Oct 19, 08 10:08pm


BlackThunder68 Guezz whoez back
Jan 04, 05 3:01am
There are many times when I cast back to the last time I ever saw a cowbell, and I realise how distant that very memory is, but then I come to realise, it is but a memory. And in memory of that memory, I have brought forth a communial guestbook signing to you. So that you and I can both share the magic of, ahhhhh ... Cowbell.

Bring to me more cowbell, and you will have served me well.

Angel Blade Guezz whoez back
Dec 30, 04 10:29am
I dunno if I signed your guestbooks back from when you signed it, but yeah... No stamps right now. I'm just kinda tired
Whoa.... I don't have that many in my profile. You have alot more, caush I can see! MWUAH! >=] Er yeah.... I like apples.. Do you? Why don't we skip to the clouds to buy some!? =D *a puppy runs us oveR* Errrr.... what the heck? My kitties are on the lose!! We have to go fetch though!! *Throws kitties in the air so that my doggies will go fetch* Fetch boys! Fetch! *Kicks GWB* What's wrong with you!? FETCH! I'll give you milk! *Goes off to the kitchen to buy milk* 30 cents!? That's a whole 60 cents cheaper than last time!! I DEMAND A HIGHER PRICE NOW! *fangs grows out and bites into a tomato and starts sucking out it's contects* PH34R t3h apple!! are you fearing it yet!? MWUAH! Good >=]
*Throws the tomato onto an XBox and starts juggling video games around* Now where did my mouse go!? Ohhhhhh mouse, where are you? *Finds scrunchie* There you are, good mouse *Pets it affectionately* Goooooooood little mousie

Angel Blade27
MajinBuu Guezz whoez back
Dec 29, 04 12:17am
Just wanted to stop by and say Hiya! See you around.
Happy New Year!

Buu Luvs Yuu!

XD Guezz whoez back
Dec 28, 04 9:13pm

Stamped =P
Sign back if you feel like it ^^"

Lupin3rd Guezz whoez back
Dec 28, 04 12:28am

G book G book, G G book book book

It's all fantastic GWB, enjoy 2005.
Mario Man Guezz whoez back
Dec 24, 04 6:51pm

Hey Guezz whoez back,
    The Neo Emcee Open Mic forum wouldn't be the same without would be improved. But enough about that, just have a good Christmas and stay posting.
Happy Holidays..
InFaDeLiTy Guezz whoez back
Dec 06, 04 11:30pm

Chuffin' xmas mate.


Angel Blade Guezz whoez back
Nov 26, 04 12:22pm

I guess I'm trying to ignore a night of boredom because I have a weird case of insomnia this night. Must be from the turkey and Apple Cider. Have fun and see ya around.

Angel Blade27
Sinner Guezz whoez back
Nov 22, 04 8:12pm
Hey GWB, My fellow CS veteran, i just thought i would have to sign here as, whether you know it or not, we are each part of a cult. A cult of veterans that don't give a fuck about any n00bs that come to our forum and try to tell us they are 1337. Only you, myself and a few others can truly understand that.

Cya round
Ffantasy_gamer Guezz whoez back
Nov 06, 04 5:05am

now sign mine or else guestbook
metallica rules Guezz whoez back
Nov 05, 04 11:57pm
You have SlipKnoT in your sig, Slipknot rule.

Sign back sometime dude.
Angel Blade Guezz whoez back
Oct 30, 04 8:12pm
Everyone's starting these early so I might as well
Happy Halloween! Hope you enjoy it whilst I'm going... to church And enjoy the reeses that you can't have and that I'm eating

Have a great one!
Angel Blade27
jespomo Guezz whoez back
Oct 22, 04 5:54pm
Happy Birthday, its just a shame Gran Turismo 4 wasn't out to play on it.

Have a good day and keep up the good posting in the Gran Turismo forums.
hacked Guezz whoez back
Oct 19, 04 11:07pm
November 7. It's coming...

~no really......
bad ass Guezz whoez back
Oct 19, 04 3:03pm
hey there RAZ so i finally have time to sign ur guest book(because im nice like that)yo sign my guest book otherwise il run u over(now that i learned how to drive) and i can legally drive in January when i grow up.
aight man see ya
Eagle Eye Guezz whoez back
Oct 17, 04 12:13pm
€€ Hey Guezz whoes back, I see your still posting in Loungin, I don't know if you know me but I'm Eagle Eye, Sarah's my real name.

Have you posted your picture in Neoseeker Photo Album yet?
If you have I havn't seen it.

Well gtg, see you around.

P.S, Please Sign back!
Sinner Guezz whoez back
Oct 02, 04 6:26pm

125 characters ~~~~~~~ ~~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ !
DQ Maniac Guezz whoez back
Sep 30, 04 12:24pm
Luigi88 Guezz whoez back
Sep 12, 04 2:56am
Whats up? seen you around the mic and just wanted to jump in and sign ya guestbook. Here's a stamp of one of the best ever. You know it:

Sign back if you can.....