Love the Office quote in your signature. Glad you fixed Michael's name as well

"Guezz whoez back"

sumbodi tht dosnt no how to sp311?

Watch the shadows for they may be watching you, Enter the Darkness

La la la, oldies lounge are making a big comeback for guestbooks woot~.

Stamped by Ecto5! It's just like old times all over again!


There are many times when I cast back to the last time I ever saw a cowbell, and I realise how distant that very memory is, but then I come to realise, it is but a memory. And in memory of that memory, I have brought forth a communial guestbook signing to you. So that you and I can both share the magic of, ahhhhh ... Cowbell.

Bring to me more cowbell, and you will have served me well.

I dunno if I signed your guestbooks back from when you signed it, but yeah... No stamps right now. I'm just kinda tired
Whoa.... I don't have that many in my profile. You have alot more, caush I can see! MWUAH! >=] Er yeah.... I like apples.. Do you? Why don't we skip to the clouds to buy some!? =D *a puppy runs us oveR* Errrr.... what the heck? My kitties are on the lose!! We have to go fetch though!! *Throws kitties in the air so that my doggies will go fetch* Fetch boys! Fetch! *Kicks GWB* What's wrong with you!? FETCH! I'll give you milk! *Goes off to the kitchen to buy milk* 30 cents!? That's a whole 60 cents cheaper than last time!! I DEMAND A HIGHER PRICE NOW! *fangs grows out and bites into a tomato and starts sucking out it's contects* PH34R t3h apple!! are you fearing it yet!? MWUAH! Good >=]
*Throws the tomato onto an XBox and starts juggling video games around* Now where did my mouse go!? Ohhhhhh mouse, where are you? *Finds scrunchie* There you are, good mouse *Pets it affectionately* Goooooooood little mousie

Angel Blade27
Just wanted to stop by and say Hiya! See you around.
Happy New Year!

Buu Luvs Yuu!

Stamped =P
Sign back if you feel like it ^^"


G book G book, G G book book book

It's all fantastic GWB, enjoy 2005.

Hey Guezz whoez back,
    The Neo Emcee Open Mic forum wouldn't be the same without would be improved. But enough about that, just have a good Christmas and stay posting.
Happy Holidays..

Chuffin' xmas mate.


I guess I'm trying to ignore a night of boredom because I have a weird case of insomnia this night. Must be from the turkey and Apple Cider. Have fun and see ya around.

Angel Blade27
Hey GWB, My fellow CS veteran, i just thought i would have to sign here as, whether you know it or not, we are each part of a cult. A cult of veterans that don't give a fuck about any n00bs that come to our forum and try to tell us they are 1337. Only you, myself and a few others can truly understand that.

Cya round
You have SlipKnoT in your sig, Slipknot rule.

Sign back sometime dude.
Everyone's starting these early so I might as well
Happy Halloween! Hope you enjoy it whilst I'm going... to church And enjoy the reeses that you can't have and that I'm eating

Have a great one!
Angel Blade27
Happy Birthday, its just a shame Gran Turismo 4 wasn't out to play on it.

Have a good day and keep up the good posting in the Gran Turismo forums.
November 7. It's coming...

~no really......
hey there RAZ so i finally have time to sign ur guest book(because im nice like that)yo sign my guest book otherwise il run u over(now that i learned how to drive) and i can legally drive in January when i grow up.
aight man see ya
€€ Hey Guezz whoes back, I see your still posting in Loungin, I don't know if you know me but I'm Eagle Eye, Sarah's my real name.

Have you posted your picture in Neoseeker Photo Album yet?
If you have I havn't seen it.

Well gtg, see you around.

P.S, Please Sign back!

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Whats up? seen you around the mic and just wanted to jump in and sign ya guestbook. Here's a stamp of one of the best ever. You know it:

Sign back if you can.....