Alpha and Omega owns you.
Bought it on the day it came out. Amazed me at first, but soon later to disappointment. It's still a good buy for those that likes... GrandTheftAuto4 PS3
Fun game, it's like GTAIV but cartoony graphics and less restrictions. SaintsRow2 PS3
Awesome game, since it's such a big as well as old, it freezes here and there. Recommended buy for those RPGers. TheElderScrolls4Oblivion PC
Good game, but it does get repetitive. But for those that enjoy Fire Emblem and whatnot, this is a good buy as well. ValkyriaChronicles PS3
FUN! Absolute fun with friends especially. LittleBigPlanet PS3
Alright game, some things were a little over the top but then again, you're fighting against mutated things that wants to bite your head... ResidentEvil5 X360
At first it was loads of fun. Campaign was swell, Special Ops were challenging to an extent, multiplayer was alright. CallOfDutyModernWarfare2 X360
It was decent. The gore was a nice touch, and coming back from MW2, it has more of a decent multiplayer, haha. It still has its downs... CallOfDutyWorldAtWar PS3
First game I bought after buying a Ps3. Classic for this generation. XD CallOfDuty4ModernWarfare PS3
Simply an awesome game. If it weren't for all the glitches and freezing, I'd give it a 10/10. XD Fallout3GameOfTheYearEdition X360

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