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Ni No Kuni review by Hell Fire

Round 77 of the Articles Of Excellence ends with Hell Fire coming back to the winner's circle, this time with a review of Ni No Kuni. He describes the game as one where you'll fall in love with the world around you and the critters (or Familiars, if you will) that you can capture, although capturing them is a bit tricky and getting captured by the plot via the main three characters is about as hard. Nevertheless, there are some grand villains, an awesome sidekick with a Welsh accent and a bunch of NPCs with good enough dialogue to compel you to do the myriad of sidequests on offer.

Ni No Kuni Score: 8.7/10
Genre: Role Playing Game

Even with the few flaws, NNK stands to be one of the most enjoyable JRPGs of the decade and I can confidently recommend it anyone who enjoys a role-playing experience.

quote Hell Fire
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. To be honest, it’s not the most appealing name for a game. It sounds like something a five year old would watch after a stressful day of finger painting at kindergarten. Couple this with the cutesy looking characters and you would have something that I would certainly flick past at my local game store. Fortunately, I closely follow RPG releases and the amount of hype that this game got was unbelievable. I would put this down to the collaboration with the famous Studio Ghibli…. You know; the guys who made Princess Mononoki, Spirited away and all those other masterpieces? I can happily say that the quality of their films certainly carried over to this game. Ni No Kuni (NNK) has not spared any expense. It is a beautiful, huge game and one of the best JRPGs released this decade. All those things that we loved in the RPGs of the 90s are back, and this is what made NNK so enjoyable for me.

The story begins in the town of Motorville, where Oliver and his friend are busy working on a motorcar. Just like any teenager, Oliver decides to disobey his mother and sneak out at night in order to give the car a test run. Stupid idea, as this kid clearly can’t drive. Within seconds, the car crashes nose first in a lake. Fortunately, Oliver is saved by his mother…..buuuutttt she later dies as a result of saving her son. Oliver is a mess, and tries to shut himself off from the world. Then the magic happens! Upon crying over the unfortunate events, Olivers tears hit his favourite doll, Drippy, which results in it springing to life. Drippy soon introduces Oliver to a parallel world in which only can save from the evil wizard, Shadar. This plot is quite a simple one and cruises in third gear until the final third of the game when the plater is hit with a load twists and turns that are actually quite well written. The majority of the story is far from revolutionary and in my opinion, a little too childish at times, but it’s easily enough to drive this amazing game without creating a hint of boredom.
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