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Apr 20, 13 11:15pm

Bioshock Infinite review by Demonfurby

Round 74 of the Articles Of Excellence ended a bit later than usual, but Gryzor was in hospital between Monday and Friday so he couldn't make the AOE deadline. So sorry about that. But enough of that, because he has a review to make the winner, and this period's winner is none other than Demonfurby's review of Bioshock Infinite. He describes it as one of the finest games ever made, and for a game made in the year 2013 to accomplish this, it's definitely something to consider.

Bioshock Infinite Score: 10/10
Genre: First Person Shooter

Please buy it, support Irrational. Support a change for the better. For the betterment of the genre, and industry as a whole.

quote Demonfurby

That's all I was thinking after completing Irrational's latest masterpiece, BioShock Infinite. My mind was officially blown. Not because of the immense atmosphere, juxtaposed by the highs of the soaring, majestic skyscapes of the floating, seemingly perfect city of Colombia, and the lows of its gritty underbelly, rife with racism, sexism, corruption by its cult-like leader who sends waves of his city's forces against anyone who stands in the ways of his ambitious goals. Nor the near-perfect shooting, with Irrational learning from their mistakes their first two takes on the series. It was the single most poignant, thought-provoking, complex, spine-chilling narrative that will make you want to cry, shout, cheer and yell out in anger at your television once that final piano key strikes. Perhaps I'll be embarrassed when I look back on this years down the road (hell, maybe next week), but moments after completing this incredible experience I can only feel that BioShock Infinite is the best videogame ever created.

Mother*bleep*er. I can't believe it myself. A first person shooter game from this generation of overall meh is, in my opinion, the best thing ever made in this industry. Not that I'm saying the fps genre is bad, not at all. The fps is probably my favorite genre, which is why this gen has been so painful for me and others alike to endure. Almost every single fps released is trying to be Call of Duty. Which sucks. That series is the embodiment of everything that's wrong with the industry. Sure, Call of Duty 4 was a breath of fresh air after years of Nazi shooting, but when the series does nothing else to improve and just becomes a yearly rehash of the same shit, with fifty other developers trying to copy it so it can leech some sales from the juggernaut, the smoke's in the air. But Irrational tried. At least, two out of three this gen . I try to forget BioShock 2 exists (okay apparently this wasn't made by the same studio . I am ashamed)because it just seemed like a pathetic money-grab (which in hindsight is alright if it helped bolster the resources for this baby Jesus of a game). But BioShock (the original, that is) now seems like a breath of fresh air. How naive we all were back in 2007. We were waiting on baited breath for Valve's highly anticipated Half-Life 2: Episode 3 (HA), and didn't even know the next six-plus years would force us to endure the onslaught of grey/brown regen shit that was thrown at us year after mind-gratingly frustrating year. But BioShock is like a dream now. A hybrid fps/rpg with an incredibly well-written story and dense atmosphere that is considered by some to be the GOAT (it isn't). It wasn't the best shooter, it wasn't the best rpg, and it wasn't the best stealth game, but it featured a great, engaging story, now iconic boss figure, and "revolutionary" morality system (which it wasn't, it was honestly very mediocre). It was a great game that was nothing more than an aberration of what was yet to come, with Modern Warfare revolutionizing the industry a mere month and a half later. It's all okay now, fellow gamers, Infinite has arrived. We are saved by its divinity.
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