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Feb 7, 13 4:01pm

Gryzor's Top 50 Video Games Of All Time [#16]

#16 - The Warriors

The idea of doing a licensed game is very common, but what about doing one based on a movie that's older than most Playstation 2/Xbox owners? It's a bit out of left field, but it's a risk that worked so *bleep*ing well, I not only played through this game, but also bought the movie and watched it to see how faithful it was. Yep, even when I was about 13, I gave a *bleep* about this kind of shit. You know what, this game was about as authentic as it gets. It was gritty and felt like you were in the streets with these warring street gangs back in the 1970s. You'll not only fight other street gangs, but you'll also be required to tag parts of town and steal shit in order to get money to stay alive.

Besides atmosphere, the part where The Warriors *bleep*s your shit up is in the combat. While it mostly feels like a traditional beat em up ala God Hand, The Warriors' combat has more weight to it. There aren't any over the top combos; they're what you'd expect from real life street gangs. But here's the thing - each hit feels satisfying. There's a lot of oomph in each hit you land and inevitably take, whether it's with your fists or a baseball bat.

If anything hurts this game, it's the *bleep*ing camera! Whether it's the bad fixed angles or unwieldy controls, it's bullshit how something like this can hurt a game.

Summary - A licensed game with plenty of authenticity, not to mention excellent gameplay
Rating - 9/10

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