lol this must be the first time i've signed someone's guestbook in aaaages, btw don't worry if you're still a noob because I'm still one and I've had this account for 4 years : D

oh and seeing as you gave me a random image you can have one too BAGBABY I CHOOSE YOU:

Sorry this took so long. Haven't checked the guestbook for a good 3 months. Or so.

I can just remember the fun we had in the add-on story threads my friend... man I miss those times. Well to a fun past long gone...

hey you since you all so like the game you get anouther signing to

Yep it is indeed Lucy Lui. You got it with 2 hints.

Hints explained:
Hint 1: Tends to loose her head. - A reference to Kill Bill in which she lost half of her head during a fight.
Hint 2: Did voice-over for game character. - Did the voice of a character in SSX Tricky.

Possibly the ugliest banner question ever. uke: Sorry.

hey i was checking out some nehomes and yours said you needed help just go to Site/Forums Help and QA
Hey man,

Thanks for the signing...I dont get to many.....Feel free to im me about anything i love chatting about games and stuff....WOTS 1 forum was actually the forum that made me join neoseeker...and i ruled that forum......LOL......Talk to you later.

I went on Google and l typed in Grrr and l found this..


I'm signing your Guestbook because your my neofriend.
Hey there dude. Welcome to the forum!

"Things you learn from videogames tip #1: A thousand to one odds is NOT a problem."

thanx for signing my g-book^_^. want to be neo-friends?

You watch Spaceballs.. *Nods*.. best movie ever IMO.. and in honour of your Spaceball-watchingness, here is your stamp.

I hope u enjoy ur stay here at neoseeker u can sign my book if u want! Stupid link thingy i can never get this right!! oh was that out loud?!?! well like i was sayin enjoy ur stay!!

[[.: Dark Divine Alex :. ]
Just thought that I'd be the first to sign your guestbook. See you around in the Jedi Outcast forum and you can sign mine if you want. Bye!