Hi! I absolutely love signing guestbooks. It's just sooo fun! I decided to sign yours!
I hope that you enjoy reading this little message!!! See ya later!!!!

I am signing peoples guestbooks! Please sign back!

See ya around the forums!

Thanks dude, For being such an awesome friend.


Stamp for the originality and brevity needed to PM those scores of trolls running around loungin' posting in your thread with unique outcomes for each option. Cheers!
hey this a random sign. well actually i saw ur pic on a thread and thought hes kool coz hes got a pic of kon. u rok coz ur pics got kon from bleach in it bleach roks. ummm yeah bleach roks..... so i guess ill see you around neo.
MySims is an awesome game, and awesome people post in that forum. I'm signing everyone's guestbook with a new stamp. I hope to continue to see you around!

Hehe, I keep seeing you around everywhere and we have chatted a few times now, so I thought I would sign. ^___^

Hey i was around the forums and was bored so i though i could stamp you. Ur a good friend so stay that way! Or else YOU WILL WAKE UP UNDERWATER SURROUNDED BY WHITE SHARKS! So yea stay as a good friend!

Just popping in to say hi and thanks for being on my first group of friends in AC:WW
Your awsome, and I'll take good care of your RP when your gone, I'm honor to take that place.

Thanks Much!

Ninjas Rawk. Anyways if I did press Back I Just BET The Chao wont come, well anyways... KIRBY STAMP WOOOOT

They Are Running Because of the writing on the wall... -.-
Hi...I wanted to randomly sign your guestbook! Yay! Well, ummmm...I sign yours you sign mine right? Sooo...see ya around!
*twitch* I STILL don't have a stamp...*tear* here...~STAMPED BY .:SuShI:.
Hi Im "Katara" Be my friend plz cuz u r cool
YAY FOR yoshi freak also i love SA2B The chao garden's have so many possibilites
Yay for the chao's huzzah erm..... IT WAS YOU!!
I've seen you around a couple of the pokemon forums, and you asked me to make you a Trainer Card. The one i made was utter crap (I swear, what little skill i had went straight down the toilet or sumthin...)

Anyways, you seemed cool so I thought I'd sign.
Go Yoshi theres no other charector in Mario Kart DS that I would want to play as than Yoshi in the Egg1

I'm doing random signings so ppl will sign back, my guestbook is empty...

I saw you on the MMBN 6 forum and went to your Neohome to look at the challenge. And decided to sign because I was here anyway

That's sucky! Well I wish you could come back sooner. I'll keep your guestbook filled with updates so you know what's going on round here.

1. The pokepet shop has began to pick up business
2. DN and BP haven't been as active lately

So that's it so far
Yes, Family Guy is the friggin' best! It's good to know someone has taste! You're avatar looks really cool. Play you on wi-fi some time. Thanks for the compliments and keep on rockin'!

Yes me Big A2.
Why do you keep changing your avatar?
What happened to the Mario clip thing in your sign?
I was gonna whatch it then you changed it.

well, i don't usually sign the guestbooks of nubs, but i almost love you cuz you are a smart nub. you have realized that AC:WW sucks AND traded it in for tetris DS. Now THATS a smart nub! you spelled d-e-l-i-b-e-r-a-t-e-l-y wrong tho lol. anyway, here's a special stamp i made just for the occasion:

hope you like it!
Hell ya. Finnaly i get a sign from someone. It is been a while but yahh. Thanks for signing.
O My new tune is one.
Welcome to Neoseeker! I've seen you on the Pokemon Emerald forum so I decided to sign your guestbook. Anyway, PM me if you're bored or if you want to be NeoFriends. Don't forget to sign back!