I agree entirely. But, I'll still buy day one stuff if it feels worth the cash, the game feels... read more

Who cares about DLC as long as it's actually worth buying and the core game feels complete?

PMD and... read more

Buying the Zelda pack entirely for the F-Zero stuff and the Animal Crossing pack just because... read more

i like how no one noticed wario's eye being messed up xD
As you can see here

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Cool and all but Little Battlers eXperience/Danball Senki games in the west when

Seriously though,... read more

I want it to be Gen VI PMD or some new crossover with another series like Pokemon + Nobunaga's... read more

The characters look less terrible than EOU1's cast. I might actually give Story a shot instead of... read more

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Nah, I'm pretty sure Marvelous just decided to handle it themselves.

Though they might be... read more

quote Zombie_Barioth
I don't think this is permanent, unless they decide to stick with XSEED from...
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I don't mind, but that logo is awful. Something styled like the JP logo would be nicer for one.
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There's another reason as to why PokeBank and Transporter shouldn't have required an online connection. read more

Man, I don't even use this thing anymore.

Meowstik is my favorite of the ones shown this month. 2cute4me.

Probably gonna use the female one on my team. read more

Copypasting this from elsewhere:

The main issues with Pokemon Bank

1) The 3DS accepts SD cards...
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