Man, I don't even use this thing anymore.
is just some guy who likes video games.
Shizue is moe as hell.
*bleep* TWATTER
is just there.
is a useless bum, and summer will only make it worse.
hasn't really been doing anything but going to school and playing video games.
is already tired of school.
is moving...
Finally out of summer school. Freedom for a week... Then, I have to move.
is at summer school, all day almost erry day. At least the first semester's over...
is at summer school, all day almost erry day
is free for at least another week.
Is dealing with the last two days of finals.
's got a flash card coming in the mail~!
is waiting for SaGa 3 Champion of Space Time DS to come in the mail, and is playing Ys Seven in the mean time
is Playing Pokemon Black (Ninta) and Pokemon White (Ground)
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