Big_BossNS Grivous
Feb 20, 07 5:21am
U know its true

WAS 17
TB 10

linkdude Grivous
Jan 13, 07 6:02pm
hey grivous. i have to sign 5 guestbooks a day and you are one of my 5. be proud of this signing ~.^. i cant use my stamp though cuz i cant get photrobucket to come up.
TKDJohnofVG Grivous
Nov 28, 06 5:48am
Hi, nice to see you here. I added you on my neofriends. BZF is also my friend. I also see him at school. See you around.

mewtwomaniac Grivous
Sep 12, 06 12:13am
Hey there, got a stamp, check my ig to get the joke.

BZF Grivous
Jul 3, 06 4:01pm
Well you signed mine first, so I'm just returning the favor... Well see ya soon. Catch you later..........

DivineDragoon23 Grivous
Jun 29, 06 1:15pm
You will never get those cookies back!! They are mine!! Muhuhuhahahaaa!

Now look at this car-related pwnage and laugh.

Jun 28, 06 8:53pm
I've seen you around the OoT forum from time to time, so I decided to stamp you.
rezegen Grivous
Jun 28, 06 4:04am
I are signing now. ummmmm....I ARE ASIAN!!! (LOLZ)
random stamp!

see you around, man!
mex51 Grivous
Jun 27, 06 2:03pm
Yah! You like Oilers too! That's too cool. I thought I'd give you my banner I had made just incase, but sadly I never got to use it. Hope you can.

triforceofwisdom Grivous
Jun 26, 06 3:36am
Thanks for the stamp. Unfortunately I don't have one to give to you.

Did you go to the Astros game on Thursday? Pretty sad...
FoxyBoxer Grivous
Jun 25, 06 10:46pm
Yes, we must keep the zelda spirit strong within the realm of Neoseeker! WE must never let the forums die, as it is so awesome, Especially the never-ending stories and Dumb Q&A.

......still need a stamp........