U know its true

WAS 17
TB 10

hey grivous. i have to sign 5 guestbooks a day and you are one of my 5. be proud of this signing ~.^. i cant use my stamp though cuz i cant get photrobucket to come up.
Hi, nice to see you here. I added you on my neofriends. BZF is also my friend. I also see him at school. See you around.

Hey there, got a stamp, check my ig to get the joke.

Well you signed mine first, so I'm just returning the favor... Well see ya soon. Catch you later..........

You will never get those cookies back!! They are mine!! Muhuhuhahahaaa!

Now look at this car-related pwnage and laugh.

I've seen you around the OoT forum from time to time, so I decided to stamp you.
I are signing now. ummmmm....I ARE ASIAN!!! (LOLZ)
random stamp!

see you around, man!
Yah! You like Oilers too! That's too cool. I thought I'd give you my banner I had made just incase, but sadly I never got to use it. Hope you can.

Thanks for the stamp. Unfortunately I don't have one to give to you.

Did you go to the Astros game on Thursday? Pretty sad...
Yes, we must keep the zelda spirit strong within the realm of Neoseeker! WE must never let the forums die, as it is so awesome, Especially the never-ending stories and Dumb Q&A.

......still need a stamp........