Mar 3, 13 6:05am
Nov 18, 12 5:48am
Living the Fourth...will not be signing in again.
Grimdark blogged
Oct 21, 12 12:30am

I decided to continue this into my blog, instead of a forum post to avoid doubleposting and clutter along with being able to post the particularly bad games instead of every game. Maybe I'll even include a moral of the story kind of thing too.

First game of this? To be fair, I should have dodged when I was lastpick and a duo of Wukong and Master Yi claimed bot. Now mind you, this is a draft pick game with all level 30s. Their Lee Sin talked trash for the entirety of the 20 minutes, including going as far as to tell us they were invading as the game started. They got three kills and took blue. As expected, bottom lane was a disaster. I had attempted to be jungle Amumu but soon went to top after said invasion and I accidentally bought Q first.

Short and terrible game short, I ended 3/8/9. Wukong went 2/13/5 and Master Yi went 2/7/7. Total kills was 14-43.

Lesson learned in this game? The 5 minute wait to dodge is always worth it.

pc gaming related league of legends randoms are bad terrible
Grimdark shared a news (@chautemoc)
Sep 11, 12 11:08am

A fan of classic JRPG Final Fantasy 7 and platformer / mod suite LittleBigPlanet 2, James Colliver decided about...

Jan 16, 12 1:58pm
Living the Fourth
Grimdark blogged
Nov 15, 11 4:11pm

I've not much to say but a need to vent my frustration at how much bullshit the Single Line (even moreso for the Super Single) throws at you. Its not even a problem until you hit 14-21, where you get fully evolved Pokemon. Its also the most profitable; you only get 3 and 3 for 1-7 and 8-14, respectively. But no sir! You get critical hit Psychics from Garbadors that I was surprised even *bleep*ing knew Psychic! Not to mention the Subway Boss, Ingo, has 3 Pokemon that are interchangeable with whatever lead you have. Sometimes he'll lead with Klingklank or other times his Garbador.

I hate the Battle Subway. So much. :@

gaming related battle subway bullshit
Nov 11, 11 4:20am
A new, shining, light...that exists and yet...
Nov 11, 11 1:32am
A new, shining, light
Nov 11, 11 1:17am
A new, shining light.
Nov 4, 11 12:14pm
'God is dead' -Nietzsche1883 'Nietzsche is dead.' -God 1900
Grimdark blogged
Oct 10, 11 3:59pm

After trying to help others that would help myself but don't, I've come to the conclusion that people make a lot of mistakes on their stories when they present it in a format on forums such as this. So I made a list of things to do when you consider putting your work on Neoseeker or anywhere you can alter or edit font size, color, and so forth.

1) Don't use stupid colors. The color you're reading this in may not 'stand out' or be cool, but if you want anyone to read your story with minimal effort, you'll refrain from touching the color tags. While people may still read your story, it isn't without highlighting your text or some other task that the reader shouldn't be forced to do. Would you read a book with white pages and light green text?

2) Don't change the damn font size. Perhaps you got the gist of colors in the first point, but missed the subtext: Your audience wants to easily read it, not squint their eyes at the paper or screen! As with font color, a normal text is going to appeal to everyone neutrally. Colors or downsizing the font just narrows down that appeal so that fewer readers actually read your story.

3) Your audience is who you write for, along with yourself. You can be content with writing for yourself as only you will truly know in great length the details you imagined, the spirit and voice of your characters, the time; I could go on and on, but the point is that the audience has NO CLUE what brilliant world you've devised in your head if you don't display that knowledge in your writing. Every detail matters and you shouldn't particularly stop unless you're getting down to a microscopic level or talking about some guy's nose hairs. In the event someone is attacking someone else, you should detail whether or not an attempted strike connected. The fact of it connecting leads to other details- a wound, an incision, a surge of emotion or nothing was felt, did the attacker fall over, and so many more. We imagine what the writer wrote, but when there's ambiguity in what happened, then it's the the fault of the writer if he or she does not correct it.

4) Comments and criticism should be mutual. You should not post anything of yours if you are not intending on reading and C+C'ing other people's work. A great example of this would be C+C'ing many people and yet, not one has done the same for your story. It's absurd, and rude.

That's all I can think of, to be honest. Let me know if you liked it and if it helped you at all. :)

musingsthoughts books to write how story audience
May 12, 11 11:37pm
Dream On...
Jan 23, 11 4:33am
'That the darkest hour never comes in the night...'
Oct 18, 10 10:23am
"Surrender now to Oblivion!" -Gabranth EX Burst (Dissidia)
Oct 15, 10 6:01am
4chan is hilarious, what have I been doing all this time? XD
Aug 2, 10 7:51pm
Jul 30, 10 9:20pm
I've fultoned so many people within the last 2 days, I'm going to go crazy.
Jul 28, 10 3:05pm
Playing Peace Walker
Jul 9, 08 4:41pm
I lost it.... FinalFantasy7

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