Hmszelda Griffsports
Dec 28, 11 12:57pm

lateness (Y)
thescourgex2 Griffsports
Mar 20, 11 8:12pm
i im on your profile page signing your guest book . lol what i have too have a minimum of 125 i heard you like mudkipz
MasterZX Griffsports
Jun 14, 10 3:18am
Ignore my previous sign, as it crashed. -_-

Here's my fav stamp:

The god of the sun blesses you?

MasterZX Griffsports
Nov 3, 09 3:38am
Hey, how's it going? Just signing a sign of peace between clans. I don't have mah stamp, sorry....... Anyway... I hope you're clan thrives!
P.S: Does you're clan have a Gym Leader?