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Neo Name : __JosH__                               
Member Since : June 03                               
Location : England                               
Age : 16                               
              Welcome to __JosH__'s Second Neohome!

I've gone for a graffiti, 'gangsta' theme, Which has taken me ages. If you dont know what im talking about, You'll see once everything has loaded. Anyway, heres a little more about myself:

I currently am 16, and I live in Nottingham, England. I love football, and my favourite team is Nottingham Forest (If your a dumbass and havnt noticed my avatar). Forest had an unusual season. They were amongst the likes of West Ham, Sunderland, West Brom to go up to the Premiership. The side fell with the loss of Harewood, the season long injury of David Johnson, and having to make do with the poor summer signings. When Kinnear came into the picture, I never thought he could turn around a team what hadnt won in 18 games into a side thats only lost two games in 17 since Kinnear took over. Now, I am confident Kinnear can guide Forest to promotion next season, but it will be very tough with the likes of Leicester, Leeds, Wolves, etc etc. So roll on next season in the Championship!

Ahh, I love football. A bit of a bummer that England went out against Portugal (Stupid ref). Anyways, I joined Neo over a year ago when I was interested in FIFA 2004 info. One of the greatest things I feel Neoseeker has to offer is that it improves your English grammar alot.

Before Seeker - "Do u fink FIFA wil b gud?"

After Seeker - "Do you think FIFA will be good?"

Heh, quality. Neoseeker also links you up with fellow people that are like your soul mates, and do the exact same stuff as you and share interest in the same stuff. Neofriends is how we describe them. I have quite a few, then alot of people that are cool, but I wouldnt describe them as Neofriends because I dont really talk to them outside Neo (MSN, AIM etc).

Liam - I've known Liam the longest, and that was through FIFA 2004. He is one of the greatest 'seekers I have ever come across, as I have never seen him angry. The first time I had a real chat with him was when I was trying to rig up my Playstation 2 online, which he helped tremendously. I dont respect how he can support Everton out of all teams though. I do have a little respect for Everton though, seeing as they trained up Paul Gerrard.

Mario Man - Heres another great guy, though he has bad taste. Choosing a team like Partick Thistle to support isnt something to be proud of - infact, its embarrasing. He is great fun though, But he just cant beat me at FIFA 2004 and TIF2004 online!

Reckless - Hes done great with the EURO 2004 pools, and I could see he put alot of effort into it. Some fag stole his password and went on his account, but I rescued it and saved Reckless' account from humiliation. I still havnt had anything in return. Maybe if he supported Forest and ditched cappypool, it might be even?

LFC Boy - He likes to think PES4 has beaten FIFA 2005, even though they arnt out yet. He just loves PES, He did give FIFA 2004 a go last year though, and if I remember correctly, he did seem to enjoy it for a few weeks.

Ooter - If it were two months ago, He wouldnt be on my neofriends list. We had a tough patch, but I guess its sorted out now and he seems to be a decent guy. The founder of alot of cool games for Neoseeker like the Crimson Rooms and Nike Ole.

__S_I__ - Well, He stole my traditional underscore lines, and he supports Manchester UTD, and Plymouth. This guy needs to have a mental health test.

Theres loads more, But I really cant be bothered to add anymore people, Sorry all the others that I have missed.

Now, Onto gaming. I love it, Im now into PC gaming. I still own a Playstation 2 and Gamecube though. No X-Box's for me, stupid Microsoft bitches. Favourite game at the moment is Unreal Tournament 2004 by far. Fantastic game, and great online. I cant wait until September, October and November though, when we see all the great games coming out. Right, thats the lot, and I repect you if you have just been reading all the above up to here. Peace.