Definitely, I was just about to tell you that im off out now. Will catch up again, a lot has... read more

Oh wow sounds nice, well congratulations, bet the freedom is nice in one sense. I moved out around... read more

What made you go into HR? Good luck with your sure I'll speak to you sooner than a year... read more

Haha thank you! So over the moon, really cant wait. My partner has a three and a half year old... read more

Very good thanks. A tonne of changes in my life too haha. Most important being that my partner is... read more

How you doing? Long time no speak. Hope all is well. read more

likes Angyles Cerddoriaeth's status update: "Happy Generic Holiday!"

I'm not talking shit about rs, just surprised its still active. Seemed like it died down a lot in... read more

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