Jan 14, 10 10:54am
I keep going to post but forget that im banned
Gribbz blogged
Jan 6, 09 4:38am

In the past, I was a regular poster on this forum. It was friendly and people helped eachother. I was able to offer a lot of advice from what I had studied and personally experienced. I stopped posting there after watching the maturity levels and discussion sink faster than the Titanic.

After venturing in there today, and posting a couple of times, it became obvious that nothing had changed - infact it had gotten worse. There are three types of people that post there:-
1) Wannabe meatheads. Meatheads are bad enough, but some of these characters are acting like they're some stud with a perfect muscular physique. Wrong. You dont need to act like a bighead to give out advice. If you're adamant to act like a goon, at least save it until you have the body to back up the claims.
2) Idiots. "if I do press ups then I work my legs". Yes, ive seen them in there. Please stop giving people wrong advice and do some homework.
3) Genuine people looking for help. I feel sorry for these guys. They want advice and when they get it, it usually includes some bitchy comment or insult along with it (see point 1).

This is why im deciding, again, to just stay the hell away from that forum. It makes me laugh and also makes me facepalm countless times just viewing the forum. A few people know im a personal trainer, because I randomly get private messages from people seeking help, which im glad to respond to providing im not swamped. If anyone does have questions, feel free to get in touch with me.

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Gribbz blogged
Dec 23, 08 2:50am

Im bored at work, so I thought id make one of these blogs and update it with my thoughts and opinions on matters.

Let me introduce myself. Im Josh, 19 years old and currently residenting in UK (although have plans to move to Canada sometime next year). Ive been on Neoseeker for nearly 6 years, found it looking for Fifa 2004 information and decided to sign up to the forum. I had my name changed from __JosH__ over 2 years ago. Not many people know me, because I only like posting in a couple of forums - Runescape being the main one...obviously because im a moderator of that forum.

So anyways, what am I doing in my life; what are my hobbies and interests? Im working full time right now, as a personal trainer in a gym 15 minutes away. Ive been very interested in the gym and fitness ever since I started going 3-4 years ago. The past year ive become a hardcore trainer, following tips from bodybuilders (the best way to get that dream body believe it or not). Im big, but id never get as huge as those guys, nor as veiny. I think it looks disgusting. Steroids are something id NEVER turn to, as I know its possible to get a dream physique without them. I enjoy it so much, hence deciding to focus on this for my career. Im also looking to join the fire service within the next few years. Free time, I like to play computer games mainly. Runescape, Unreal Tournement, Counterstrike, Planetside the main ones. Also like the obvious hanging out with friends, clubbing etc.

I also run the website Sherwood Studio.

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