CountJagv Greyfalcon309
Mar 15, 05 1:56am
yea i signed it. happy? i signed it i hope this brightens up your day and you giggle all the way until you go to sleep. nevermind. that would be quite creepy... i signed it, thats it.
SamusX10 Greyfalcon309
Feb 5, 05 6:04pm
( yeah, it's late, but who cares! It's here! The best GB signing ever!!! )




So, yeah, I rule, you know it, and I've just signed your guestbook! What more could you want!?

SamusX10 Greyfalcon309
Dec 23, 04 6:01am

... Summon Darkness, Command Light...
Epsalon ZX Greyfalcon309
Oct 13, 04 5:11am
I'm touched. Thanks for the compliments, as well as the guestbook signing. Thought I'd return the favor.

See you in the forum!!

Sosai X Greyfalcon309
Oct 11, 04 6:17am

Thanks for signing my guestbookie.
So I'm here to sign back. I'll stamp while I'm at it:



Take care!^-^


AznAnarchist Greyfalcon309
Oct 2, 04 10:25pm
I get to sign your GB first! Yaaaaay!!!

Yaaaay!!! Good to see ya around the MP2 forum.