lazio GregtheGreat
Dec 22, 07 5:31am

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Steve 23 GregtheGreat
Dec 21, 07 9:47pm

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year, have a good one!

TVI GregtheGreat
Dec 21, 07 12:22am

Merry crimbo and a most joyful new year to you sir!
fairygrl GregtheGreat
Mar 24, 07 7:13am

ohh ya just thought you should have it haha!!

fairygrl GregtheGreat
Feb 13, 07 2:28am
hey we haven't talked much yet but I wanted to sign this anyway becuz I really like ya so far. So I'm glad we talk and I'll speak to you later.

155 <3
0Zero0 GregtheGreat
Jan 14, 07 10:53am

xI will keep signing until I get animegirl's love!x
lazio GregtheGreat
Dec 25, 06 9:20am

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
TVI GregtheGreat
Dec 20, 06 8:07am
Hey, have a merry christmas and a happy new year. Its not a present, but its a slightly odd looking stamp...

The Rock 13 GregtheGreat
Aug 25, 06 2:03am
Heres my proper stamp. I messed up last time. So here is my proper one.
The Rock 13 GregtheGreat
Aug 25, 06 1:57am
Yo Greg you've done a great job moderating the fifa 06 and maybe you'll moderate the fifa 07 one, which i'd like to do maybe aswell.
Avatar =
bboy513 GregtheGreat
Jun 29, 06 12:51am
Just wanted to sign your guestbook as you have help me in some stuff

sloprano GregtheGreat
Apr 17, 06 1:32am
well, I figured I might as well sign your guestbook, since you are a pretty big blink fan. almost as big as me. plus you can appreciate them for what they once were and are becoming.

rock out, greg!
CKYdude3 GregtheGreat
Apr 17, 06 1:07am
Saw u around in the music forum ure kl specially seeing as u like angels and airwaves and blink 182********************************CKYdude3
anluan04 GregtheGreat
Dec 23, 05 6:33am
Have a good one Greg.

*Imaginary xmas stamp*

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
lazio GregtheGreat
Dec 23, 05 5:50am

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
xpronic GregtheGreat
Dec 21, 05 11:17pm
Merry Christmas & a happy new year!

Penguins forever! XD

Crispy_Bacon GregtheGreat
Dec 02, 05 6:33am
Hey Greg (my friend is actually called Swellhead cos of his ginourmously big head (you can ignore the spelling and the fact that that's probably not even a word... hey, brackets inside brackets! Bad freakin ass).
Paineh GregtheGreat
Nov 07, 05 9:49pm
you do a god job of modding the fifa 06 forum so here i am to stamp ur gb kkep up the good work k.
nata7 GregtheGreat
Oct 23, 05 10:42pm
Hi GregtheGreat, I see you moderate the Fifa 2006 forum, thats great you are a good moderator.
See you in the Fifa forum.
Go Owen!!!
dazathedrummer GregtheGreat
Oct 14, 05 1:43am
You are a footie fan and a mod for the greatest footie game ever, fifa 2006, qualifying you for my stamp:

Do you like it?
Tommo GregtheGreat
Oct 11, 05 11:17pm
Hey Greg, i just noticed i hadn't signed your guestbook so here i am. Anyway your a toon fan and so that's one reason why i'm here but also you like football and i think you like Star Wars but you've not been on the BFII forum for ages. Hope to see you around mate and i'll leave you with this:

Please Sign Back!!!

grimbo123 GregtheGreat
Oct 09, 05 3:45am
helloooo,i know that your a geordie and im a boro fan but i thought id sign your guestbook.hope to see you around the footy forums and keep up the great work on moderater pro evo.cya
Muzzy GregtheGreat
Sep 19, 05 3:19pm
Hey you seem a nice guy, recently been promoted to Mod in the Fifa 2006 forum so i thought id sign this for ya!! Have a good one (Y)
JJBDude GregtheGreat
Jun 13, 05 11:28pm
Hello there! I felt like making a stamp and signign Guestbooks as the last time I did was back at the start of year 2005. Well, take care.

Spitfire Skateboarding. JJBDude
BLinK0 GregtheGreat
Jun 03, 05 12:24pm
Hey whats up dude?I've seen you around the music forum,and thought you had a pretty good taste in music...