If you call yourself an atheist, you are saying that you have no belief in a God—a Creator. Creation just happened. Everything you see—all the different breeds of dog (both male and female), all the different breeds of cat (both male and female), all the different fish in the ocean (both male and female), giraffes, elephants, cattle, sheep, horses, birds, flowers, trees, the sun, the moon, the stars, the four seasons, night and day, the marvels of the human body—the eye with its 137,000,000 light sensitive cells (we have been made well Robert) . . . all these marvels of creation were made by nothing. They all just happened. That’s atheism at its core. What an intellectual embarrassment.

Then the professing atheist has the unbelievable gall to consider himself intelligent, and he thinks that science backs up his delusion. Think of the ludicrous language an atheist is forced to use. He can’t say that creation was “created” and he has to avoid saying that everything has been “made.” He will even say that he has no beliefs . . . that he is “without belief.” His problem is that he hasn’t thought his beliefs through. If he has any intellectual self-respect he will move from the “nothing created everything” belief, to the “something did it but I just don’t know what it was.” And in doing so he distances himself from the embarrassing label of “atheist.”


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