Lazzara Greeyaz
Jan 6, 08 12:55pm

omegablaster Greeyaz
Jul 18, 06 8:42am
O.K. so Norad beat me to the first signature, but can he top this?

Behold a deranged animated Roy stamp that is worshipping me!!!! Mohahahaha! Anyways, I figured since we both write for the same RP, I'll sign your guestbook. See you around.
Norad 2 Greeyaz
Feb 13, 06 7:12am
You know fella, you sound alot like this other kid I know. . .-cough-egore-cough-

Of course, I could be wrong you know. Drop me a PM if this stamp here looks familiar:

Haha. I sound insane, don't I?