I don't wanna sleep, I don't wanna dream, 'cause my dreams don't comfort me .
All I ask is that you smile.
I'm more than a bird, I'm more than a plane <3
Theres nothing like a funeral to make you feel alive.
All stars could be brighter, all hearts could be warmer
I hope they find you safe and sound, sammy
"It is loneliness that makes the loudest noise.."
It's something deep inside, something i can't explain.
A true patriot is one who gets a parking ticket and rejoices that the system works.
Life isn't fair. Deal.
would die for some good news, a hug would make my day.
Snow. Get. OUT.
says: ": tears don't fall, they crash around me.."
..Happy Birthday old friend, miss you <=[
..is at the hospital.
has nothing to say.
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