ronknight Gravy_Anyone
Jan 11, 04 11:10am
Hey baby, I just felt like dropping by and sharing some love

Gravy_Anyone, I love you so much...I would gladly do anything to make you happy...And I'll always be here with you, through the good and bad times, I promise you...
It only takes seeing your name online to make me the happiest girl alive and I thank you for that, I thank you for always making me happy, even when you didn't realise you were...

Some people don't believe in online realtionships, but since I met you, my life has changed for the better, hearing your voice is like heaven to me, I would gladly listen to it all day...
Not only am I the happiest girl alive to have you, I'm also the luckiest, you're an angel, so kind and funny and loving and also very very very cute, you're living proof that miracles happen, sometimes I feel like I need to desperatly reach out and hug you, but it's okay, because I can feel your love and you're always in my heart. And soon, we can be physically close as well as mentally like we've been all along, and raise our family together, and no matter what the circumstances, I'll always love you more than anyone can comprehend, and I'll never let you go...I would gladly give up my whole world and everything in it, Just to be by your side sweetheart...
~All my love~

Ellone Gravy_Anyone
Nov 1, 03 8:06am

My god! I can't believe I have not signed your guestbook! I'm very sorry *bows like Yuna* Oo;; Maybe I should stop that now hahaha ^^

What can I say? You are my BEST friend and where would I be without you and your random crap huh? Probably on the streets on London? Or in the barbers? Okay I'm being dramatic...Our Yunie bashing will pay off! *wields up axe* You are the best! *salutes* I got you some goods too!

Although Halloween is dumb, Lisa and I just wanted to say it! Didn't you Lisa?!

Lisa: ¬¬ *hiss*

Fine be that way! She's just like that at times! ^^

See! He loves you!Just don't tell Rinoa that! ^^

We also want that Kurtis, Forest, Rikku, Paine, Tifa and Yunie to die right?!

Here's something we want to happen! No Yuna!

This is to say thanks for being the best! *thumbs up*

You are the best!

*hands you Steve, Nemmy, Squall and other plushies* ^^

Say cool best pal, remember to be a good duck! *bashes Yuna*

Flea fly!

~*From Ellone*~
Unspoken Gravy_Anyone
Oct 30, 03 7:49am
Hello! Please sign back!

|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| Stupid Length Thingy |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|

Onikage Gravy_Anyone
Oct 20, 03 9:56pm
Signing your guestbook! Having a nice time on Neoseeker?

I've seen you around the RE forums too, and yes Parasite Eve would have even more if they had mde number 3 -_-

See you aroundz =)
Zephron Gravy_Anyone
Oct 15, 03 2:14am
HA, thanks for signing my guestbook! I like my avatar too! lol..

Not seen you in the DOA boads though...

ronknight Gravy_Anyone
Oct 13, 03 12:26am
noooooo he is sexy! who is claire? she is a hjrony cheesecake i want some horny cakes

i love barry he shall fooky my gunnn

thissssss isssssss barry and jill's wedding and mine and gary's looks ike this:

this is a preetty dress it is mineys!

forest loves meeeee and i KNOW U DO TOO U can have him JOKE.,..or that horny steve you likeys

love u all

from demon buttercup

isn't forest's famiy cute
ronknight Gravy_Anyone
Oct 12, 03 11:52pm
yooooooou must love that claire perspon...who is she??????

okay i think he is sooooo cool that duke from re1 he remember richardo?

did i mention that i exchaged headlice with ed dewey??????

it was so kool

and this time gary said something good i eat beans

snow cums once a year, and his hair sexys me up

yayyyyy yay yay yay yay yay yahy

oh how dare they banny me! it no godo!

from demon buttercup

idn't barry's mom sexy and i like barry's hair

forest rocks the crow nest
HalfDemon Inuyasha Gravy_Anyone
Oct 12, 03 1:48pm
Hey, you signed my gestbook, so Im returning the favor.. Thanks for the complement on my Banners and Avatars.. your avatar is pretty cool looking...PEace ooT..

HDI the Great..
Duckmaster Gravy_Anyone
Oct 7, 03 8:57pm
Hey thanks for signing my guestbook thought i'd return the favor well i'll see ya later.hope to see ya around neo(especially the FF8 forum).........Later
Ito Yury Gravy_Anyone
Oct 5, 03 3:21am
Thanks for Signing My Guestbook!


The Final Battle is near...

duskull Gravy_Anyone
Oct 4, 03 10:37pm
thanks for signing my guestbook and im here to return the favor.

keep on posting.

youve been signed by..........
Tricrokra Gravy_Anyone
Sep 18, 03 5:36am
Thanks for singing my guestbook...

Hmmm you mention a sweet avatar of mine...
My avatar has been changed many times on TBBS and Neo the past few days, so I need to pinpoint which avatar you mean...

Is this the avatar you mean? (that is my current one on the day I posted this, and no it won't change if I change my avatar, since I used a diffrent URL)...
MerylSnake Gravy_Anyone
Jul 29, 03 9:32pm

Welcome to Neoseeker!

Pass the gravy please...