Thanks for the help you have given me, what a great friend. Best of luck to you in your future. Hopefully I can get in and whoop up on the competition for the Forum Wars, and it's thanks to you.
Hey Vandal, I know you haven't logged onto neoseeker in over five months so you probably won't read this message but please if you read it could you log onto neoseeker and pm me and just let me know you're okay?

I miss talking to you, I have known you for over five years, you will always mean something to me as a person after all you are my one and only neodaddy. I hope we will always be friends, you have helped me so much throughout my life and I just miss talking to you, and knowing that you are okay. I do worry about you, even though we have never met in real life we have known each other for over five years so to me you are just like a friend I would have in real life. I hope to hear from you soon and that you are safe and everything is okay with you.
this is a random signing

Sanji and Zoro The Some What Best of Friends

Sanji and Zoro The Best of Rivals

sign me back ps i dont support ZoroXSanji Ok!!!!

Luffyluffy Signing Out
Hey Vandal, I haven't talked to you in months! Are you okay? If you read this just please email or message me or something, I just wanna know you are okay.
Thought I would test my new stamp out in your guestbook:

Right, umm, I don't know how I got here but I guess I should write something now.

Take care, dangerous things dwell into the night... (they sometimes dwell when it's not dark too )

I found a place that still has some left !!
Hi I just wanted to thank you for all your help in the xbox 360 forum

You have just been stamped by matt_coolguy13

Dont forget to sign back!


Just stamping people I like or respect on neo, and guess what you fall under one of these category's! but which one I'll let you decide.
Well, i'm finally here and I just came to sign your guest book here. I'm not sure there is anything else for me to do here today.

I came, I saw, I conquered.
Here is a stamp for helping me stop the spamming in the DOA disscusion category.

I just wanted to say great job on the Xbox 360 forums. You got a great set-up there that makes it easier for people to get involved in the community. Thanks

See you around!
DUDE! can you moderate any more forums? jeez. lol well keep up the good work on neo, this site rocks. best forums i've seen.
Point of advice: if you see the Burger King, call the police. He has been sighted breaking into people's homes while offering to give residents a free sandwich. Officials have confirmed that the sandwiches handed out by the king contain dangerous toxins. So beware of the king; you very well might be his next target.

i hope you have a great stay at NEOseeker

It will brighten your spirts!

Cheers and have a nice, long life!
PS. Ein was here
Well i just felt like i needed to sign your guestbook once again...
Lot of time has passed i tell you! 4? years already. I dont consider my self an active member, so i will be happy if you read this sig.
Thx a lot for all the good times. A great member and what some called xbox guru!

~have a wonderful time~
I am signing your guestbook cuz I decided I would Sign a bunch of moderators Guestbooks so, please sign back.

Here is a riddle incase you get bored.

If con is the opposite of pro, what's the opposite of progress?

I'd stamp but I don't have my floppy disc with me.
This ia a Happy New Year post to all the people that have graced the pages of the now dead Bard's Tale forum.

Hiya Vandal, I know this is kinda late since Christmas is over, but it's the thought that counts right? I hope you had a really great Christmas, and best wishes for the New Year.

Cya *hugz*
Mr. Hankey and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!


From your friend Eagle Eye!
Happy Halloween & Guy Fawkes Night!

€€ Hey Vandal, I see your still posting in Loungin, I don't know if you know me but I'm Eagle Eye, Sarah's my real name.

Have you posted your picture in Neoseeker Photo Album yet?
If you have I havn't seen it.

Well gtg, see you around.

P.S, Please Sign back!
hey i forgot, could you sign my guestbook?