Name is KC. Originally from New York, born in Long Island and raised in the Catskills. Recently moved to UT.

Been on Neo since August 2003, under a handful of different accounts. Started off as a bratty pre-teen and matured into a bratty adult.


"So the next time some asshole says to you 'I have a right to my opinion!', you say "Oh yeah? Well I have a right to my opinion and my opinion is that you have no right to your opinion.' Then shoot the *bleep* and walk away."
- George Carlin

"I've never taken a recreational drug, never. Not one hit, inhaled, or gnawed off a joint. Never even had a single sip of alcohol. But I'm sure not going to spend money to come to your door with a gun to stop you from getting stoned or listen to the Grateful Dead noodling. It's your life. Just stay the *bleep* out of my house - all of you; the potheads and the government!"
- Penn Jillette

"People go to movies and they watch a great fight scene with Jackie Chan or a phenomenal fight scene without realizing these guys have five takes and 16 different camera angles. And here is a live-action fight scene with drama and athleticism all rolled into one, and they kind of scoff at that. I can't understand why. This is entertainment, but that doesn't mean there isn't competition going on within the matches itself, that there isn't compelling drama, good vs. evil. It's a lot of different genres rolled into one. It's acting. It's all these things. It's done live. It's like going to a live opera where they are putting on live fight scenes. Guys really get hit. Guys really fall. Fake-out couldn't be further from the truth. I've got the X-rays and scans to prove it. If this stuff was fake, my spine would be in a lot better condition."
- Austin Aries

"For those who believe in the beauty of pro wrestling, nothing needs to be said. For those who don't, nothing can be said to change their minds."
- Vince McMahon

“Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.”
- Mark Twain

"Listen, there's no set of rules. I'm not telling you what to do, all I'm saying is I'm thinking of three things that are like, so important to our world that I don't have to find much importance in. Because of these things, whether they are *bleep*ing or whether it's playing golf, because of that I feel..."
- Ian MacKaye


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