In this section. I will put up quotes that I have said to friends or people in the forums and maybe even some from fellow friends that was absolutely hilarious.
"MSN or Ban!"-Gotenks to Kenshuma
"I dunno if you want it to "bring that shit". That "shit" might last five days.=P"-Gotenks to Kenshuma
"Would you like a McBan?"-Gotenks in Brawl forum
"Would you like fries with that McBan? =D"-Gotenks in Brawl forum
"You are a Tiddles in Training :)" -TDL on MSN
"If I mess with it more,It gets worse. That's what happens with me and dildo's"-MSN conversation with Inuyasha
"Holy Banning Batman! I think Gotenks is near!"-Makusu
"I personally love watching asian porn. Just because it makes everything seem so much bigger." -Gotenks on MSN to Inuyasha.
"And with you go, I can become the best Lucario on Neo!:_devil: *Azen joins Neo* ****!" -PM with Incongruous
"Incon:-Reads basic- WHY ISN'T SSB64 ON THE VC YET!!!! Gotenks:Because you haven't sacrificed yourself to the God that is called Lucario. GIVE HIM YOUR SOUL!!!"-Gotenks/Incongruous
"I dont have some super-mega-awesome-upthebutt-donkeypunch" Inuyasha
"Make love- not kamehamehas" Inuyasha
"Don't worry, Rust: Spam Machine, is on duty." Rust
"Brad attempts to temp while drunk... what do you mean I get an hourglass!? My time is running out? Maybe you are the one running out! I'll ban you so hard..." Dark Arcanine
"So I finally decide to sleep in my bed again after a long period of falling asleep on the couch, and while making it I find a switchblade and some beef jerky. I hope this story is an inspiration to men everywhere." Sephiroth52
"And I'm proud to be Brad's Stal-all-ker, cause at least he knows its me. And I won't forget, the man who went, and gave that right to me, so I'll proudly stand UP, shout my name, then declare I'm his stalker. Cause there ain't no doubt, I stalk this mannn. God bless the GMB!" Symphonic Abyss
"I actually would tell that to anyone tbh. I really don't care what people think of me. I've been through it all my life. A bunch of people from a site won't bring me down." Gotenks
"Because you are the Gotenks, saviour to all. Scruge of spam, flame and advertising. Protector of the weak, stronger then the strong. Your skills are so perfected it is said that you make Chuck Norris scared by blinking. That is why you are needed on PO." Icekickseverything via PM.
"Gotenks>Girls>Boys" Icekickseverything
"Big words confuse Ice." Icekickseverything
"Baghdad I'm just a mean bitch on the forums, apparently :>" - Pikachu
"I float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Your hands can't hit what your eyes can't see. Now you see me, now you don't. Gotenks thinks he will, but I know he won't." -Icekickseverything