Last 10 Threads started by Gotenks
New Super Mario Game Revealed for Nintendo Switch 6 Oct 20, 2016
Mario Kart Game shown in Switch Reveal 8 Oct 20, 2016
Your Expectation on NX Reveal tomorrow 3 Oct 19, 2016
Xenoverse 2 Launches in 8 days! 0 Oct 18, 2016
Hit Revealed in latest trailer 0 Oct 18, 2016
Alolan Dugtrio Spotted in the Demo 14 Oct 17, 2016
Your Most Caught Pokemon 5 Oct 16, 2016
Favorite Attack Animation 1 Oct 14, 2016
Pokemon that have been on your radar that you haven't caught 12 Oct 14, 2016
Super Mario Run has 20 Million people asking for notification for when the game is released on iOS 3 Oct 14, 2016
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New Super Mario Game Revealed for Nintendo Switch 6 Oct 20, 2016
NHL Face-Off 2016-2017: Hockey Time Once Again 18 Oct 20, 2016
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Alolan Persian shown on cover of Japanese Sun & Moon Guidebook 15 Oct 20, 2016
Neo Book Club 40 Oct 20, 2016
NHL Face-Off 2016-2017: Hockey Time Once Again 18 Oct 20, 2016
What will be your first Nintendo Switch game?! 7 Oct 20, 2016
Switch it up: Introduce yourselves! 8 Oct 20, 2016
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