Last 10 Threads started by Gotenks
Is Diddy Kong Racing 2 Coming to NX? (Rumor) 4 Jun 29, 2015
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Coming to Virtual Console On Thursday In Europe 4 Jun 29, 2015
Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Making Its Way To Mobile This year 7 Jun 29, 2015
Sakurai In Latest Famitsu Column - Only "Several More" Characters Planned 31 Jun 25, 2015
Fire Emblem Fates Will Have 5v5 Online Multiplayer 2 Jun 25, 2015
Super Mario Maker To Come With 100 Pre-Made Levels 1 Jun 25, 2015
Breaking Benjamin - Dark Before Dawn 5 Jun 25, 2015
Sony surprised by Xbox One backwards compatibility, says unlikely for PS4 12 Jun 19, 2015
Rivals of Aether Looks Like An Indie Smash Brothers 10 Jun 18, 2015
Hard Hats Required - E3 GamePlay 1 Jun 18, 2015
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