walnuts Gotenks
Feb 28, 13 9:00pm

This is in recognition of your awesome presence around the forums. You do an amazing power of work that not many people will see, but it is essential nonetheless - here's hoping you will continue to be at the top of the charts for many years to come!

Keep up the outstanding work @Gotenks, because rest assured, there are some of us that notice
Vicarious Gotenks
Apr 21, 12 9:13pm
Even though you live in Canda Eh I will still sign your guestbook. JK LOVE YA BRAD.

Keep rockin man!
EricF Gotenks
Apr 21, 12 8:46pm
I bet you thought I'd forgotten! Nope, I'm just fashionably late as always. B)

Gotenks my man, I seen you as an intimidating figure before I started chatting with you. I don't know why; I felt that you and Intoxication were superior beings to those average folk of Neo. Until the day I first spoke to you both, and realised my thoughts were true!

Keep up the good work on here and thanks for approving my GG stuff when you get the chance! Hopefully with a bit more work on my part I can be working with you on CRS too.

I know successful guestbooks always include images; well aren't you a lucky man? Coincidentally, I just so happened to be out in the garden today, soaking in the weather and enjoying my bubbles. So, I leave you a picture of me in joy:

Yours lustfully,
Chubby Bubbles Kid x
Pikachu Gotenks
Dec 5, 11 1:32am

OmNomNomNom i know it's early...but who cares!? hope you have a good one this year!
dogman15 Gotenks
Nov 5, 11 9:32pm
What's up, Brad?

Thanks for constantly being on the job as a Neo moderator and answering my PMs I send you asking for help about the website.

You're cool, stay that way and don't leave this forum because everyone would miss you.

Have a good day!

HoodedSolidSnake Gotenks
Nov 3, 11 12:26pm
Congratz on 50k!!!
Launcealot Gotenks
Oct 23, 11 2:11pm
Damn i can't believe you still remembered me hahaha. Crazy, been a LOOOOOONG time. Alrigh i'll be seeing ya bud. later
SendLink Gotenks
Jul 18, 11 11:41am
i hope you dont mind that i added u as friend on neoseeker. Im new at this site soo i dont know much about it yet.
well, have a nice day!
Maria10is10 Gotenks
Jan 2, 11 4:53am

Let's have an awesome new year, 'k?? ^^

Happy 2011! ^^

Steven Gotenks
Sep 28, 10 11:00pm
Hey. I just decided to sign your guestbook. Isn't that awesome? Here, have a Giga Bowser. He's trained to ban people.

Triforce of Wisdom Gotenks
Sep 13, 10 1:46pm
Hey Gotenks, I'd just like to tell you what a great job you've been doing moderating Skyward Sword and General Mario Bros. Keep it up, man. You've always been fair to me.
I don't have a stamp, so I think I'll just leave you this:

Please don't ever stop moderating. And if you do, can I have one of your spots? And I also did make that picture myself.
DXD Gotenks
Sep 6, 10 4:00am
In honour of my new stamp, who better to kick off my signing spree on than the star of Neoseeker himself? Here's hoping you break 20 pages soon, buddy! |;}D

You've Been...

Xperious Gotenks
Aug 1, 10 10:23pm
I seen it was your birthday so I decided to sign your guestbook.
PokemonLeader96 Gotenks
May 29, 10 10:30pm
I wanna sign your guestbook because you are the Best mod Ever


Thanks for being a helpful Mod and a nice friend

Quetzalcoatl Gotenks
Apr 7, 10 7:59am


Good move bringing your Gotenks username back! I didn't really like your Khun username, I couldn't relate you with that .

Now to sign your guestbook Gotenks, you well deserve it .



canderson Gotenks
Feb 19, 10 9:33am
OMFG!!! I can't believe I didn't sign your guestbook....until now.

You're definitely one of the cooler mods out there. Excellent job keeping the SSBB and the General Mario Brothers forum alive.

Keep up the excellent work. We need more people like you on this site.

^The stuff I said above doesn't sound like me at all. x_X

Anyway, take care and see you on the forums Kuhn.
Archangel Gotenks
Jan 7, 10 9:48am

Ohhai! I'm writing in your Guestbook.

Isn't it grand how I state the obvious? I think it is.

And thus concludes the GB signings of The Angel of Archillius.
Military G Gotenks
Jun 11, 09 4:51pm

Thanks again Brad for helping me out in the forums and all and putting up my header i mean your a life saver thanks again Brad.
Cupcake Gotenks
Apr 22, 09 2:43am
Here I found this awesome scar pic for you hope you like it

Link3342 Gotenks
Apr 11, 09 5:39pm
Thank for helping me out in all of the forums.... or whatever. Here's a stamp.

Hero Kirby Gotenks
Mar 29, 09 7:49pm
Its a-me CAN no......i'm HERO KIRBY! thanks for helping me join neo dude o promised i'd sign your guest book and i did agian thanks
Blaze Gotenks
Jan 24, 09 11:25pm
Playing with you and strife was really fun and I enjoyed my first online tag match. This means a lot to me and Kun and I hope you got some xp.

So thank you, and I'd really like it if you'd sign back. Thx!

Liliana Gotenks
Dec 28, 08 12:24am
Hey Gotenks. Random Signing is random.

Have a nice day.
Jediblue Gotenks
Oct 14, 08 1:46am

By the way, I think your banner is awesome.
PichuRocks Gotenks
Sep 6, 08 7:09am
Here's some DANCING NINJAS for you to enjoy!

Cya around the crew