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Mar 1, 09 11:53am

1 Year and General Mario Brothers!

February 29th,2008. The Smash Brothers Brawl Crews and The Smash Brothers Brawl Neo Dojo subforums for the Super Smash Brother Brawl forum are created. Now as we know the 29th only comes once every 4 years. So this year there isn't a 29th. But I guess you could say a year ago today is when those forums were created as well I was promoted to Moderator alongside Barmy Brat and SlangX.

Now things have really changed in a year since the creation of the forums. Both Slang and Barmy no longer moderate the Brawl forums. And Crews is the only Brawl forum with two moderators as I moderate alongside Orlando. Who has done a great job as a moderator.

As well both Dojo and Crews were moderated by Aether. Though Aether only moderated the Dojo forum temporarily as I had computer programs. But Aether as well did a great job in the forums. And he introduced the Featured Crew idea to the forum. Though that idea was recently put to rest as it was never updated.

What else has changed? Well obviously the Neo Dojo has been used for exactly it's purpose. Which is of course to look for brawls with the rest of the Brawl community. But it also holds Crew Wars and small tournaments created by members of the site. But as a lot of the brawlers know, not many of those tournaments get finished. Also there is a big Neoseeker Brawl Tournament going on. It's the first of it's kind and hopefully won't be the last. It's a 32 man tournament and double elimination. For those who don't know much about Brawl or how tournaments go. Double Elimination is were there's winner and losers brackets. Everyone starts in winners. But if you lose then you're sent to losers and if you lose in the loser bracket then you are out of the tournament. Right now we're just entering the second round and I'm already in losers. Wish me luck on a comeback!

Now onto Crews. As you all know Crews is meant for members to make a Crew or Clan together and brawl with each other, hold their own tournaments or challenge other Crews to Crew Wars as mentioned about. The oldest Crew in the forum is Blades of Vanity which is considered the best Smash Brother Crew as well. The Crew was created April 11th, 2008 and is nearing their 100th thread. And they show no signs of stopping!

There has been many Crews that have come through the Brawl Crew forum. From the first Crew which was The Immortals to Blades of Vanity to March of Swords to Dawn of Twilight to my crew Smash Legends and to new crews like Sword of Chaos. New crews are trying to establish themselves in the Crew forum and get their name heard. As well we hope to see more Crews created in the future!

As to ideas that have gone through the forum. As mentioned before there was a Featured Crew thing going around. But didn't last long. There was maybe 10 Featured Crews before we basically called it quits. Both Orlando and myself didn't update it and never thought there was many Crews to pick that deserved the title. As well we had a Crew Discussion thread that lasted a week. It was to discuss your Crew and things going on about it. But it had to much drama and Aether closed it.

To future additions to the forum. We plan to make a "How To Make a Crew" thread in the forum. So that those members who want to make their own Crew, they will have a template to work from. We plan to create our own example Crew. Just to show how a Crew should look. As well Crew Profiles will be added to the forum as well. And the Crew Discussion is gonna get another run!

There's a brief history I guess you can say about the two forums. I've enjoyed my time as the Moderator of both forums since the day they were created. It was great to have been there from the start to what they are now and hopefully they will become even better in the future! And I plan to be there!

As well I'm not sure how many people know that I was promoted to the General Mario Brothers forum back on the 14th. It's only a temp position until March 14th but I continue to try to get more members to the forum and get more discussion in the forum. I've been a bit dry on thread ideas but if anyone has a thread idea then post it up! As well become a frequent member there! We would like to have you there.

Also the Header & Footer Contest ends today in the forum. If any Graphic designers are ready this then please make an entry and get it posted! The more entries, the better! As well I hope that a Graphic Designer wouldn't mind making some buttons for like "Plumbing Repairs", "Introduction Thread", "Upcoming Mario Games", "Mario Wiki" and possibly "Featured Character". If anyone wants to help make them then please send me a PM or make a comment and I'll PM you!

Bleh almost 4am now. I think it's time to hit the sack. This definitely is a lot bigger than my last blog but I think it's well worth it. Anyways hope you enjoyed it!

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Ragnell Swinger Mar 9, 09
very nicely said Tenks argh it's 2am need rest 2thumbs up 2 this anyway
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Rust Apr 10, 09
You forgot to mention how dead Basic is D=

Huzzah for time and modship, though!
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Aether Apr 14, 09
My Name. ;D