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Nov 26, 10 2:01pm

Another day closer until the end of the year. 2010 has been a great year for me if I do say so myself. These past few weeks have had their ups and downs but it does not take away much. I've had my hours cut at work but I actually get to enjoy my free time without being sore or to tired. I've been able to go out, see some old friends, had a few drinks at the bar, work out and catch up with some things that I didn't have the time for. I've been able to get back into gaming better than I have been. When working 40 hour weeks, I was left with little time to play video games. But now I've been able to truly waste time on my Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii.

I've been playing a lot of Donkey Kong Country Returns. I was looking really forward to this game, it's a real Donkey Kong game and it's a continuation of the Donkey Kong Country series! Unfortunately Rare did not work on the game but Retro Studios has done an fantastic job on it! Easily one of my favorite games of the year and possibly my Game of the Year even. Banjo Kazooie has been another game I have spent a lot of time on. I purchased it for my Xbox 360 and it's amazing what they did to make the game look a bit better. And done by Rare too! Starting Rusty Bucket Bay, one of my favorite levels of the game!

I need to find my extra headphone pieces. I've been in need of my Ipod for a while but a piece of my headphone went missing and now I need my replacements. Problem is, I cannot find them. What shall I ever do on the bus? =(

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Sep 2, 10 9:26am

As I sit here at 2am in my new room in my new home. I really wonder why I am still await, I don't feel tired at all even though I got 7 hours sleep the night before. I wish I could sleep. I need to be up for 6:30 am and that's 4 hours away...

It's my first time blogging from the new place. For those who didn't know, I moved on the 15th of August to a townhouse and took up residence in the basement. It was either a small room or basically a whole basement. I took the whole basement. I've been able to fit a futon and an air hockey table in my room and it feels grand. This room is gonna look great when I do finally have it finish.

Just the one problem is I lack the motivation right now. I still need to unpack things and get my room finished. I've been sleeping on the futon since I moved here, even though my bed is set up....

And in the same token since moving here, I have been growing a beard. Dunno why, just felt like I needed to change something up and growing a beard was the way to go. Haven't had any complaints about it yet but we'll see how it goes.

Have I wasted enough time yet? Do I feel exhausted yet? Nope. Still the same as I was when I started writing this....what else could I talk about?

Well I have finally gotten back into working on the NeoWiki's...though it is only for the Mario wiki. I left the wiki in shambles back when I was first staff and now I have a second chance and I've started working hard to improve it and hopefully others will put the time in and help me as well. It's a one man wrecking crew but I plan to update a lot of the current pages before I start work on new pages.

Dunno really what else to say. I think this is all for now.

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Aug 6, 10 12:29pm

So it seems in the past year in a half, I have moved more times than I have ever have in my entire life. Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration. But since February of 2009, I have moved a total of 3 times. Doesn't seem like much now does it? Well....for me it does. For the most part of my life, I have lived in the same city. I've only spend 7 years outside of this city out of the 20 years I have lived. Usually we stay for 5-7 years in one place so it feels very weird when we move a few times in just a year and a half. It's new to me.

This new place is apparently bigger than this house...which is nice. The ceiling for this house is kind of small when you're upstairs. I say if you were 6'5 or taller, your head could touch the ceiling. Lucky for me I'm around 5'10 heh. I've never shown this place to anyone...maybe I need to snap a photo or two with my webcam just to show how my living quarters here look and then snap a few at the new place.

I believe I get to take the basement. I never liked living on the same floor of my parents since I like my privacy and my parents never bug me. So having my room in the basement would help. I also plan on getting a small couch or even a bean bag chair. Call me kiddy, but I have always wanted a bean bag chair! And it would be the coolest thing ever!

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Jul 14, 10 11:29am

So I really don't have an idea for the name of this blog and it's been a while. This is just kind of something to pass some time at 4am so it might just be a rant of stuff going on in my life and all. If you noticed I renamed the title for my blogs to "The Kamehameha Times" in dedication to the Dragonball Z series and to the members of the Pokemon HG/SS Battle forum. If you have a better suggestion for the title then feel free to say something. Just don't expect me to follow through. ^^

From the time of my last blog, I've picked up two more moderator positions in the Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Gold forums. Now half of where I moderate is Pokemon related and my tags have gotten a bit big. 10 moderator tags...that's a lot of tags but I enjoy helping out in each one of them. As well to add on, I am now a Gamegrep Approver. Which can be pretty fun to go through the new articles and have the power to approve or delete. And I also made my return back to the NeoWiki's. While I haven't done any major work on them yet, I will be very soon. Avalith actually approached me about the Pokemon wiki and believed I would be a good addition to the wiki even though I did not edit wiki's a lot. It's a great honor to be able to work on that wiki and as well make a return to the Mario wiki. One wiki I worked on so much when it was a portal and now it needs me to fix it up. It will be a project but I'm up for it and hopefully others will help me along the way.

As for my life outside of the internet, things seem to be doing alright. Besides ending my 10 month relationship with my girlfriend a few weeks back, that seems to be the only big problem. I'm still getting a lot of hours at work and making a good amount of money and still getting close to be a manager. It's taking longer than expected but patience is needed. But with all of my hours at work, I have treated myself to a few things like a brand new TV which was overdue. It looks nice sitting in the corner of my room with my 360 and Wii set up. As well I bought myself my first car! A 1996 Eagle Vision! The engine is a V6 and it runs quietly! Cost me $500 to buy and then $700 for repairs so it's been a good investment so far and hopefully it will fulfill my needs.

Another thing that I have been thinking about for a bit now is college. I've been out of school for over 2 years now. Originally I was only suppose to take a year off but then problems happened and have been out for 2 years now. While I have no clue what I want to do, I think I will just take a General Educations course, just to get back in the mood of things and maybe find out what I really want to do. Just this won't be until January 2011 at least. I need to earn some of the money back that I spent!

I've been thinking of my top 100 games list that I have wanted to do for so long. I think I'm gonna shorten it to a top 50. While 50 is a lot, it won't take as much time as a top 100 list would. And maybe when I have the top 50 done, I could work on the top 100 in the future. Just now I would need to compile a list of games I have played and then start placing them everywhere. Still a very tedious task and could take me a while. Maybe I should get started....

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May 31, 10 7:07am

Haven't done a blog in a while. I've been pretty busy with work and haven't had the time to do these. Even though I have the time to moderate so I shouldn't complain to much. >_>

Anyways! Earlier this week the Pokemon Battle Tournament forum was created. It's pretty self explanatory what the purpose of the forum is for. It's for Pokemon Tournaments! Right now only the Heart Gold and Soul Silver forums have it under their sub-forums but I do plan to get it added to Diamond/Pearl and Platinum and in future Pokemon Black and White. I want this forum to be used for every Pokemon game that has Wi-Fi. It's off to a good start right now. It has a decent amount of attention, but I wouldn't mind to see more attention to it. So any Pokemon players, check this forum out!

Summer is getting near, I can feel it in the air....well I ended up buying an air conditioner and put it up in my room. It's right next to my bed and I can feel the cold air now. It feels so nice. This should definitely help for my late night gaming needs and my other needs as sleep and stuff.

Work has been busy for me. In the past 2 weeks, I've only had one day off(not including the day everyone had off since the store was closed) and I don't have another day off until Thursday. Over 35 hours this week and I might be nearing that full time/manager position. One of the other managers I'm close friends to is starting to hate closing 5 days a week and he would love for me to start closing. The boss is away for meetings though so I can't bring it up with him this week, probably will next week. It would be nice to have a full time spot and know I have a guaranteed amount of hours and I could buy myself a car and maybe get my damn license. =P

Recent games I have been playing is Final Fantasy VIII and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Final Fantasy VIII, I have been playing on and off, and now it's been more on. I absolutely love this game, it's my favorite Final Fantasy game and every time I play it, I just love it more. I'm probably halfway through the second disc with over 30 hours on it already. Been completing a lot of the sidequests and playing around with the Junction system more. I never bothered much before but now I have....and I can see how the Junction is broken. My team are just around level 20 and I can do 2,000/3,000 damage per hit. It's crazy but I still love this game.

And Super Mario Galaxy 2. Haven't put a lot of time into it because of Final Fantasy VIII and work. But I'm at 9 stars now and slowly getting there. Gonna play more of it this week, I'm falling wayyyyyyy behind with some of my friends on here. This isn't good, I'm the General Mario Brothers mod(go post there<3)! I shouldn't be falling behind so quickly! Side note, the music in the game is fantastic. I might like it more than the original Galaxy and I LOVED that soundtrack too. We shall see though!

And last. I remember last year I was planning to do a top 100 personal favorite games, kind of thinking of actually doing it now. My top 10 might of changed a bit since then so it's a bit interesting to see what it is now since I'm not even sure. Not sure how to compile my list, I could just list every game I have played and then sort them out until I have a good list. Thoughts? Anyone even interested in seeing my favorite games? Is 100 to much or should I do 50? xD

Anyways I need sleep, leave me some comments and stuff. <3

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Nov 15, 09 1:29pm

So I have been contemplating this for a bit now and even discussed it with a few friends. I got a name change back in August to my current name which is Kuhn. I have had the comments about some of the wrong nicknames that could be made from this name or those who think it was a bad idea to change.

I'm starting to think that maybe is was a bad idea. I was Gotenks for such a long time well a year anyways since I was gotenks992 but everyone still called me Gotenks. Now that I have been using the name Kuhn for the pass three months, I kind of miss being Gotenks.

I mean for so long I hated the name Gotenks because I had it for so long and I really just wanted a new name. So I went with my current favorite video game character and used it as my username as you now see it. And being Kuhn for three months, has made me realize that Gotenks is what made me on Neoseeker. In fact I miss being Gotenks in a way. I kind of want to go back as Gotenks...just I feel like it's to soon and even that Rust will be mad at me if I decided to change my name back to Gotenks so soon since he paid for the name change.

On a more good note. New Super Mario Brothers Wii comes out today and I'm excited for it! I mean it may not have online play which Nintendo is missing out on big time. But the multiplayer looks pretty good and so does the single player and I think it will turn out to be a good game. I might actually do a review on it.

What are your thoughts about my username? Or thoughts on me reviewing NSMBWii? Are you excited for the game?

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Oct 20, 09 10:50am

So it's past 4:30 in the morning and probably 5am by the time this is posted and I'm bored out of my mind. I just finished most of this project I have for the General Mario Brothers forum, just waiting on one thing to complete it and reveal it. Not to mention Karis and myself are going to get a Mario Trivia game in there to help boost activity and test the knowledge of the members. Sounds great eh? I also finished updating my Crews first post and found out it will need a second post....great. That will have to wait until the next thread.

I really should go to bed. I mean there is a lady in my bed that I am friends with from work. She has to get up in a few hours and I guess will want me to sit around while she gets ready and talks about how school is going to be and what she is going to do....I really would just like to enjoy my day off since I work the next three days and they look like they'll be busy days.

It's also possible that I will get a call from work tomorrow asking me to work on my day off. It just seems like that always happens. My cell phone died yesterday and when I finally got home to charge it, I found out work called me twice. One to do a cashier shift and another to do stock. Since I don't go to school, I'm always available it seems. I'm kind of happy my phone died, I didn't feel like working and I enjoyed my day off.

I guess when I wake up later today, I'll attempt to fix my wireless router problem so I can finally get back on my laptop. Kind of miss being on the internet in the comfort of my own bed. Dunno what else I'll do...maybe run to the store or even just spend a lazy day in bed. Who knows...we'll just deal with it as it comes.

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Sep 4, 09 12:33pm

Been meaning to write this since I actually got my name change which happened on the 31st of August.

Many people remember me as gotenks992 as I had that username since November of last year when I changed to Gotenks because of the free name change that was allowed from Red and the Neo Team where you could capitalize your name or remove 3 words/numbers from your name. And then at the end of August, I became Kuhn.

First off, I give my thanks to Rust. He is one of my co-mods in the Smash Brother forums but as well a very good friend of mine. I have known him for a bit over the year now and he's a pretty cool guy. He also paid for the name change. So I want to thank him for that as well.

Anyways like I was saying, I got my name changed to Kuhn at the end of August. Some of you that may know me, probably knew from a while ago that I didn't want my name to be Gotenks anymore and wanted something else. I have been wanting to change my name for a couple years now.

Back in 2002, I was a Dragonball Z fan. It was my favorite anime out there. Gotenks was of course my favorite character. He was a cocky dude that was a combination of two other people(those who have watched the series know who). But as years went on, I watched more and more animes, played more video games and got older. I started to grow out of the name, the anime and character.

So where did Kuhn come from? Well he is my favorite video game character from the .hack//G.U games. My Brawl Tag is Kuhn and I use the name for other places I go these days. It only fits to have that as my username here. I personally love the name and prefer it over Gotenks.

Some people don't like the name and that's fine. I knew from the start that not everyone would like the name. Some will hate it for the sake of hating it and some will hate it because they don't like change. They know me as Gotenks, that's what they are use to seeing me as. A lot of people call me by my real name anyways, even people I don't even know. It doesn't bother me but hey, people should know why I changed my name.

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Aug 23, 09 9:56am

I was having an msn conversation with Distortion about this. Technically we're still talking about it right now. And it made me think. Where did the time go?

Before, I didn't really think much of turning 20 next year. To me, it was just another year. Just like turning 18 or 19. But now that I have put some thought into it(and some alcohol), it does feel weird about hitting 20 years old next year.

Like where did being a teenager go? I remember having a Gameboy Color, spending hours on the Pokemon games or going to the movies and only being able to get into this PG13 movies or whatever they were and drinking was illegal until you were 19. It just feels weird that so many things have come and gone over the years. Some of it that I miss, some that I am glad is gone and some of it I just question.

20 seems to be a somewhat big milestone. I mean, you jump out of the teens and enter being an adult. Though a lot of people who are "adults" don't really act it. But it does feel different. 20 is when you are in college, got a job and you are starting your life. You are getting yourself ready for the rest of your life. It feels like a lot of pressure. Seems to be a lot of work but I guess it's just the way of life.

It just is hard to believe I will be 20 next year. I mean where did it all go?

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Aug 19, 09 12:16pm

So this is like my first blog I guess in a while. Not since 1 year and promotion in General Mario Brothers. Heh, it's been so long and I'm still moderating General Mario Brothers. It still needs more members to post in there. The members we have in there are great but more are always welcomed!

Anyways this has been something on my mind for a while and I think something that would be fun. I want to create a top 100 of my favorite video games of all time. Of course the top 10 may be ruined if you have seen my profile(I removed the top 10 as of this blog, just incase some haven't seen it). Just that it might ruin it for some who might actually care about what my 100 favorite games are.

But also, if I were to do this then maybe my top 10 would be shuffled up since I'd be looking into it more? I'm sure the top few won't change but you never know.

My question though, is would anyone really read it? I could release 10 of them a week or something, just so it's not a huge read for some people. As well I could have honorable mentions and possible reasons. Or I could just do it for 100 days. Countdown from 100.

What do you think?

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Mar 1, 09 11:53am

February 29th,2008. The Smash Brothers Brawl Crews and The Smash Brothers Brawl Neo Dojo subforums for the Super Smash Brother Brawl forum are created. Now as we know the 29th only comes once every 4 years. So this year there isn't a 29th. But I guess you could say a year ago today is when those forums were created as well I was promoted to Moderator alongside Barmy Brat and SlangX.

Now things have really changed in a year since the creation of the forums. Both Slang and Barmy no longer moderate the Brawl forums. And Crews is the only Brawl forum with two moderators as I moderate alongside Orlando. Who has done a great job as a moderator.

As well both Dojo and Crews were moderated by Aether. Though Aether only moderated the Dojo forum temporarily as I had computer programs. But Aether as well did a great job in the forums. And he introduced the Featured Crew idea to the forum. Though that idea was recently put to rest as it was never updated.

What else has changed? Well obviously the Neo Dojo has been used for exactly it's purpose. Which is of course to look for brawls with the rest of the Brawl community. But it also holds Crew Wars and small tournaments created by members of the site. But as a lot of the brawlers know, not many of those tournaments get finished. Also there is a big Neoseeker Brawl Tournament going on. It's the first of it's kind and hopefully won't be the last. It's a 32 man tournament and double elimination. For those who don't know much about Brawl or how tournaments go. Double Elimination is were there's winner and losers brackets. Everyone starts in winners. But if you lose then you're sent to losers and if you lose in the loser bracket then you are out of the tournament. Right now we're just entering the second round and I'm already in losers. Wish me luck on a comeback!

Now onto Crews. As you all know Crews is meant for members to make a Crew or Clan together and brawl with each other, hold their own tournaments or challenge other Crews to Crew Wars as mentioned about. The oldest Crew in the forum is Blades of Vanity which is considered the best Smash Brother Crew as well. The Crew was created April 11th, 2008 and is nearing their 100th thread. And they show no signs of stopping!

There has been many Crews that have come through the Brawl Crew forum. From the first Crew which was The Immortals to Blades of Vanity to March of Swords to Dawn of Twilight to my crew Smash Legends and to new crews like Sword of Chaos. New crews are trying to establish themselves in the Crew forum and get their name heard. As well we hope to see more Crews created in the future!

As to ideas that have gone through the forum. As mentioned before there was a Featured Crew thing going around. But didn't last long. There was maybe 10 Featured Crews before we basically called it quits. Both Orlando and myself didn't update it and never thought there was many Crews to pick that deserved the title. As well we had a Crew Discussion thread that lasted a week. It was to discuss your Crew and things going on about it. But it had to much drama and Aether closed it.

To future additions to the forum. We plan to make a "How To Make a Crew" thread in the forum. So that those members who want to make their own Crew, they will have a template to work from. We plan to create our own example Crew. Just to show how a Crew should look. As well Crew Profiles will be added to the forum as well. And the Crew Discussion is gonna get another run!

There's a brief history I guess you can say about the two forums. I've enjoyed my time as the Moderator of both forums since the day they were created. It was great to have been there from the start to what they are now and hopefully they will become even better in the future! And I plan to be there!

As well I'm not sure how many people know that I was promoted to the General Mario Brothers forum back on the 14th. It's only a temp position until March 14th but I continue to try to get more members to the forum and get more discussion in the forum. I've been a bit dry on thread ideas but if anyone has a thread idea then post it up! As well become a frequent member there! We would like to have you there.

Also the Header & Footer Contest ends today in the forum. If any Graphic designers are ready this then please make an entry and get it posted! The more entries, the better! As well I hope that a Graphic Designer wouldn't mind making some buttons for like "Plumbing Repairs", "Introduction Thread", "Upcoming Mario Games", "Mario Wiki" and possibly "Featured Character". If anyone wants to help make them then please send me a PM or make a comment and I'll PM you!

Bleh almost 4am now. I think it's time to hit the sack. This definitely is a lot bigger than my last blog but I think it's well worth it. Anyways hope you enjoyed it!

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Feb 25, 09 9:24am

So I guess this is officially my first blog. I have been putting it off for weeks now and I know Dark Arcanine has been kind of pestering me about this for the past few weeks as well. Telling me that he wants me to make a blog and that he would for surely read my blogs. So I guess it's a good thing I know I have one reader right?

I at first was gonna make this back on the 14th when I first got promoted to the General Mario Brothers as a temp mod. And I was kind of blog about what I did daily in the forum as in terms of work. I was ready to do it. But got distracted. And I feel it's a bit to late now to make blogs for it. Even though I'm only in 11 days of my temp there. But hopefully the forum stays active as that's what I want it to be. Maybe I'll make a Mario blog later and promote it more. =P

Hopefully I won't take forever to write blogs. I'll try to write a few every week. Maybe rant if I have something on my mind. Who knows.

Anyways onto the other subject and that is packing. Obviously a lot of people don't know but I am moving! After spending 6 years in my current home, we are moving. My sister and her husband and their son are moving out to Alberta so me and my mother are moving out!

We decided to move because one there are debts to be paid, two it costs about $2000 to live here(it's a big house) and three it's to big for the two of us. So we're moving out. I'm moving to my grandpas till the Fall and she's moving to my Uncles. By Fall we should have our own home. Right now I'll probably have limited internet but I should be getting on everyday. But I hope to get internet for myself as I think I will need it a lot.

But of course if we're moving, there's packing and boy do I hate packing! This would be the first time I actually packed for myself. And it's really hard! I mean I have to pack for stuff for storage and then stuff for my grandpas, as I can't bring everything to his place! And it's hard to decide what is going were because I don't want to separate some of my stuff. And I know I can't bring it all. GRRRRRRRR it's frustrating!

But I have to put up with it. Because I need to get this stuff packed before March 12th. I have three boxes done but my room doesn't look to empty. Plus I have to look through my stuff for garbage and give aways. Like I gave away like 3 garbage bags full of clothes. So that's good right?

Eh I just can't wait for this to be over. I hate packing.