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14 hours ago

--Quote-- Over half of the Pokestops at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal are no more, after some personal intervention by Mayor

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Aug 24, 16 1:10am

_Behold my Aura!_ _» Trainer name:_ Brad _» Date Started:_ 17/07/16 _» Starter:_ Kamex (Squirtle) _&

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Aug 24, 16 12:38am

In case you haven't noticed, the Super Nintendo released 25 years ago today. While Nintendo is shining their retro spotlight on the NES this November, we would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge one of the most beloved consoles reaching a milestone a...

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Aug 23, 16 12:52am
And that one is still green!
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Aug 23, 16 12:31am Bin Wang is set to debut on September 10th on WWE's China tour b

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Aug 13, 16 4:45pm

--Quote-- Las Vegas owner Bill Foley said Friday that "Nighthawks is a beautiful name" as the expansion team comes

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Aug 13, 16 2:55am
It's Pokemon...but with the opening from Digimon...
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Aug 6, 16 10:47pm

Hey guys! Please give a congrats to @Team Hydro Aura@ who will be looking over this forum! If you have any questions or co

Saku Gotenks
Aug 1, 16 12:02am
Already said it, but happy birthday again Brad <3 I hope today is amazing for you!!
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Jul 25, 16 3:25pm The artwork for the team leaders were shown off at Comic Con yesterday and

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Jul 21, 16 7:25pm

After months of fans wanting to have their own Booty-O cereal that the New Day constantly promoted, it is finally happening!

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Jul 20, 16 1:54pm

Nintendo has confirmed that Animal Crossing: New Lead will be getting a free update that will arrive in the Fall. The update

Jul 20, 16 1:46pm
Limited activity for the next few days until I'm able to go home. Not allowed at home currently due to a fire in our complex.
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Jul 14, 16 12:19am

Create Yours With the draft happening next week, WWE has set it up where you can make your own draft and with who will go

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Jul 13, 16 11:57pm During

Jul 8, 16 11:25pm
Shoutout to Saku who has been a big help with sprucing up the Pokemon Go forum! Looks good!
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Jun 21, 16 4:44pm

Looks like there is some pretty sweet deals going on right now for Square Enix games on the Playstation Store. Several titles

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Jun 16, 16 10:02pm

IGN had an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto during E3 in which they talked about Mario and Nintendo's interest to create s

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