Hey guys, so as you know our former mods both stepped down earlier this month. :( And I opened up a thread for people to appl

Sword Art Online II complete. I think it was pretty good in its own way.
Debating on picking up Dying Light....is it any good?
/me throws shoes at Brad

Hey guys, so as you already know, our beloved moderators stepped down. :( The forum is still a close and awesome community an

Got my Majora's Mask 3D Limited Edition Bundle all pre-ordered!
I should note that I do have my PS4 now. Time to enjoy some new games!
Now it's starting to feel like winter. Cold weather and snowing.
Three episodes in and I already am hooked with Sword Art Online.
So many New Year statuses...here's another! Happy New Years to all of you!
Next week needs to hurry up, I want my PS4!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! :)
What are some of your favorite easter eggs from the Mario series?

JUmFeqd93bY I really need to beat SMG2, I would be so excited to play that stage. ;_; Now there is a lot of Mario g

I should really try to get my current avatar in the 100x100 size.
When do you think Star Fox Wii U Will Come Out?

So this weekend we were treated some gameplay and commentary regarding the http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/76262/t2080009-see

Watching Super Squall fight a level 50 Amiibo Peach and the rage is real. SuperSmashBrosForWiiU Wii U

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