Sep 29, 15 2:25am
Started watching Kill La Kill. Not bad so far.
Sep 23, 15 2:43am
Binged watched all of DareDevil on Netflix. Day off well spent!
Gotenks shared a link
Sep 18, 15 12:44am
Uncharted 4 is getting a multiplayer beta in December! Can't wait!

2Lse_EyMB-4 It's revealed at the end of the trailer that the multiplayer beta starts on the 4th and will end on the 13

Gotenks shared a forum thread
Sep 18, 15 12:41am

--Quote-- Nintendo has confirmed that over one million levels have been uploaded and shared by players in the recently releas

Gotenks shared a forum thread
Sep 17, 15 1:20am Looks like the wait for the game won't have

Gotenks shared a link
Sep 17, 15 12:46am
Check out this new trailer from TGS for Hyrule Warriors Legends!

t7N6_ktAL3Y The more that I start seeing for the 3DS version of the game, the more I am kind of getting hyped for it. I wa

Gotenks shared a link
Sep 10, 15 1:27pm

--Quote-- Those of you who are excited for the forthcoming Legend of Legacy on Nintendo 3DS will be pleased to learn that the

Gotenks shared a forum thread
Sep 04, 15 2:14pm What

Gotenks shared a forum thread
Sep 04, 15 2:09pm Last night during Smackdo

Sep 04, 15 12:58am
Took me a little longer than expected but Shadows of Mordor is complete. Have to say, it was a fantastic game. Might try the DLC next!
tSuKiShIrO Gotenks
Aug 29, 15 8:05am
Oshiete, oshiete yo
Gotenks shared a forum thread
Aug 15, 15 12:39am Snagged this off someones post on Twitter. Can't say I have heard much

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