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Jun 28, 10 11:37pm

The Great Escape from South Africa

Good-morrow to you all, it's been quite a while since I assaulted you with another one of my ill-advised potshots against whatever is currently grinding my gears. Today, I am irked by something that the majority of the English nation has ground gears over, reducing the general background noise of our nation to what sounds like someone trying to interbreed a rusty nail and a car bonnet.
It is of course, our countrys meek surrender in the World Cup against a nation that once, over half a century ago, could not muster a response against our proud stance and unflappable spirit.

It was an afternoon that people envisioned to rival that glorious game at Wembley in 1966. Sadly, and cruelly, for the Tommies, the controversy of the 'was it in or was it not' goal returned for this fixture. The sickening thing was, that there was absolutely no doubt from anyone that studied the incident closely that England were denied a goal. Sepp Blatter has gone to great lengths to oppose video and goal-line technology, he obviously fears that he will be restricted to eating smoke salmon only 3 times a week if he imposes such a simple and obvious asset to the game. His other feeble excuse of time wasted will also become redundant as petty arguments by opposing players will surely be cut as their crimes are exposed on the big screen for all to see.

However, as much as I would like to blame the technology, the temperature or even the unpredictable football, the sad fact is, England have no one to blame for their dismal tournament but themselves.

Now as an Arsenal fan, I feel quite relieved to not have any of this England team playing for my club, but I also know that come August, Rooney will smashing in goals, Lampard will be inspirational and Glen Johnson will look downright deadly. Why is it that these players can be so woefully abysmal when playing for their country, yet demonstrate scintillating form for their clubs? Ladies and gentlemen, I think I have stumbled upon the answer, and it is only a two-syllable word... money!

More to come later...

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Stefan Jun 28, 10
Glen Johnson has never, and never will be 'downright deadly'.
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Patrick Oct 25, 10
but I also know that come August, Rooney will smashing in goals

Fail writing was nice, though, why don;t you do more?
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Goonjimbo Oct 26, 10
I would but I can never get access to Neo for a decent amount of time whilst blogging ideas are still fresh in my mind. Plus, any assumptions I make tend to end up being horrendously inaccurate as this blog has oh so clearly revealed.
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Patrick Oct 26, 10
Still like the writing write a match report with no future guesses?

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Stefan Oct 26, 10
Goonjimbo, i write for a football blog website and if your interested, i could maybe get you a slot on it?