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Jan 23, 10 6:18am

And so 2010 begins...

As this blog is displayed so blatantly in my signature, I feel obliged to actually post updates to it, so that the few of you that follow it aren't re-reading the same shite over and over.

I hope everyone had a good New Years. I personally didn't. I hadn't eaten prior to the party so when we played a Transformers-related drinking game it got me mashed very quickly. As a result, I don't actually remember midnight. I do remember a couple of hours later when my supposed best female friend suddenly flipped over me allegedly stealing 2 pounds (I had about 20 pound coins in my wallet so my want for another couple seems a bit strange). What ensued, was a massive screaming match between us. It got violent with her pushing and hitting me, telling me to hit her because she wasn't afraid. That called upon all my self-restraint tbh. I never want to hit a girl but this girl was really crossing the line verbally and physically. I compromised by punching and headbutting her fiance which ultimately resulted in me being thrown out of the flat (note to self: don't get involved in arguments with the hostess or her fiance when it's their flat and its sub-zero temperatures).

So, there I was, 2am and I have nowhere to go except go and sleep in my car outside in my hoodie and sleeping bag and try not to die of hypothermia. So that's exactly what I did. Normally I would have just left, but unfortunately I was giving a lift home to the other members of the party. So I woke up bruised, freezing, hungover and feeling like I'd rather die than face a year that clearly didn't want me to be happy. 2009 was one of the worst of my life and it looks like 2010 is preparing to trump that. Oh well. I didn't really intend this post to be as depressing as it probably is. Still.. you guys can compare and say how great your New Years was in relation. :D

In brighter news, I have a week off work in a couple of weeks time which will be spent filming for my friends short movie he needs to make to get into Directors College. He wrote the script himself, sadly, I cannot make head nor tail of what my character is saying or meaning half of the time. As soon as he e-mailed me the Word doc with the script, I opened it and hundreds of red and green squiggly lines appeared on the page and I was like "UH-OH!". The script may be weak but I've written a 30 page script of my own and know how to beef up performances, fortunately. Look out for me and my friends in a terrible Youtube series in the future. ;)

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Lyonnais Jan 23, 10
Youtube series you say ;D
Got a name for that shizzle yet?
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Goonjimbo Jan 23, 10
nah don't have a name and I doubt it will happen anytime soon. We can hope. I will announce it properly if it does happen though
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Andy B Jan 27, 10
Red and Green squiggles, sounds like a bomb to me.
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The Supreme Extreme Mar 19, 10
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Gamer of the Year Aug 2, 10
I know it's mean, but due to your avatar you were quagmire in my mental image of the scene, and it made it 10 times more hilarious.