Silverstorm Good Pogo The Monkey
Jul 27, 02 2:09am
Hey, I've been looking at all your posts and they are really good. Keep up the good work. I hope to see you sign my guestbook.
Kaxio Good Pogo The Monkey
Jul 21, 02 9:23pm

All hail Mr.Spam..!
Volrath16 Good Pogo The Monkey
Jul 21, 02 12:02am
The scarlet crow
kid kaos Good Pogo The Monkey
Jul 06, 02 12:38am
lol 'good' pogo the monkey. how can u be freekin good if u hav -175 posts and around 100000000 000000 00000000 000000 000000 0000000000 000 00 00000000 0000000 0 0000000 0000000000 0000000000 00000 bans? anyway ur cooler thabn anyone so let me spam ur guestbook.

oh yah i hav some songs me and my mate darkness fox made up.

does what a can of spam can,
spam spamspam,
spam spamspam,
spam spam spam spamspamspan!

dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner SPAM-MAN! dinner dinner dinner dinner EAT HIM! dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner

thats enough.
kid kaos
Juantastico Good Pogo The Monkey
Jul 04, 02 11:37pm
Sup fool.You like spamming,right?I saw this picture and i think its ridiculous
the spammobile?lol thats wierd man, but your alright.

nWo 4 Life
can i be your spam sidekick? Hey I might plan a little attack on Neo...
:_ but 4 now ill spam your geustbook
Bigdog305 Good Pogo The Monkey
Jun 22, 02 4:27am
You love SPAM.You are the leader of the Spam Army.Those little cans of Spam are cool.They are so joyful until they come to Neoseeker:_devil:
That dancing avatar is really annoying, why don't you change it to a monkey with a halo over it? And I am signing yours now, so you can sign mine also¬_¬ Are you still running for president? If so you know you got the vote from everyone one on Bizzyseeker:P I'll see yeah around BS:P
GreatOne Good Pogo The Monkey
Jun 10, 02 8:52pm
Hey Pogo I was at the gym earlier today and guess who I ran into?

GreatOne Good Pogo The Monkey
Jun 10, 02 7:57pm
Pogo seriously...your obsessed. The funny thing about that is I didnt even need to know your history all I had to do was look at your giest book. Your cool Pogo, your the wierdest thing since midget wrestlers but your funny. Spam dude Spam. hahahhahaah
Bizzybone702 Good Pogo The Monkey
Jun 01, 02 10:28am
I'd vote for you for Neoseeker President, you'd be the koolest president neo ever had. And you get to boss all the moderators around and no one can tell you what to do! You can even change the name to Pogoseeker!

stay funny:D
The Stinger Good Pogo The Monkey
May 29, 02 5:58am
Ha! Hey Pogo. Love that avatar and sig you got there. Fu%#*ng hilarious. You crack me up man. Youre uh... youre not gonna possess ME are you...Nothing personal, but Spam tastes like crap. Its creepy too, those stubby little legs and evil grin...
AAAAAGGGHH!!! Help me!!
Im outta here.
DrFred Good Pogo The Monkey
May 20, 02 8:08pm

I have to say you've built quite a reputation for yourself at Neoseeker. Congrats on being the undefeated World Spam Champion. Hormel Foods would be so proud of you. You're also the only person I know to spam your own guestbook. See you around.

never heard of you, but i'm still signing this because your sigtold me to.. so... why don't you sign my guestbook?it's pretty small, and it needs imput from you
As fast as fast can be... you can never catch a shadow..

p.s. HS was here! {Outlaws Lady Shadow!}

*fades to black..*
skullmonkey Good Pogo The Monkey
May 15, 02 7:59pm
I'm on a signing spree.....
You were once evil now your good, but still trying to take over the world. The whole pogo thing is funny, i mean pogocorp, pogoism. hahaha
Avalon Gram Good Pogo The Monkey
May 13, 02 2:00pm
I got a little bored so I'm going to stamp you, hope you like it (this is a cut and paste, feel special if you like)

Good Pogo The Monkey
May 12, 02 11:58am
oh yeah your are real good just like them ARRRRRGH!
Dynamite Good Pogo The Monkey
Apr 20, 02 8:58pm
quote Good Pogo The Monkey's Custom Title
i will never spam again, im serious

That is one of the funniest things I have heard in my life!
you sure your as good as your saying you are?
and im going to beat you in the election in 2004.!and i am recruiting more orcs for my army and their going to beat your jigglypuffs.:_laugh:
KFC_Or_Bust Good Pogo The Monkey
Apr 19, 02 7:32pm
Ahhhhh......Good ol' Pogo The Monkey, what a character, I love your custom missions and your NeoHome, good work. You bounce.
I'm the first to sign your guest book!!!!!!!
I'd like to say welcome back Pogo,and we missed you and Donald Love,oh and for your information,Bill Gates dont live at the capitol,I believe he lives in Seattle.