I think it's been discussed before, but the WWE roster is simply just far too big. To be honest, I didn't even realis

WHATCHA GONNA DOOO WHEN HULKAMANIA RUNS WILD ON SHAWN MICHAELS BROTHER??? http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/2a/

Jey Uso has been wrestling with an injury since before Wrestlemania but continued to compete in order to keep plans for the t

It's been a few days since WM31, and quite obviously, despite the fact Roman Reigns being crowned as WWE WHC seemed appar

There's obviously quite a lot of wrestling podcasts these days, not only that but several of them have gained a lot of tr

I'm going to kick it off with the mom's spaghetti remix for Lose Yourself, my mate shared it on FB today and I just c

It's actually gotten a lot better now - there are quite a few new features since a lot of you last played including a new

Seeing as the Network has only recently come to the UK and there's quite a few of us who haven't had it long (I subbe

As a part of Smackdown moving to Thursday nights, WWE have shaken up the announce teams. The new Raw commentary team will be

It's a New Day!
*bleep* you Zexion
KH2 is more difficult than I remember...
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