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Also to make it more clear, by clicking this link you will be taken to a sign up page (you don't have to sign up you just close it) after being recruited by me. This is a notice so please take note of it.

Chaos is a land torn by war. A land where you must fight for your land, fight for you freedoms, and fight for your survival.

Fight your way to the top. Challenge your destiny. Secure your place. Then you may be one of the Kings of Chaos.

In Kings of Chaos, you are a warlord controlling an army and attempting to become the most powerful force in Middle-earth. You can choose your race, either humans, elves, dwarves, or orcs. Once you choose your race, you cannot change it for the duration of the age, so choose wisely. You build your army by sending people your unique link (found in your profile page). If they click on the link, they will be recruited into your army!

If someone joins from your link page, they will become one of your officers, and when their army grows your army will get extra recruits. Also, your army will help them when they are being attacked.

Every game turn (30 minutes), you will generate money. The amount of money you generate is based on the size of your army. The larger your army, the more money you will make by using it to pillaging the surrounding countryside.

Use your money to buy weapons from the Armory. Weapons make your forces stronger by giving them attack and defense bonuses.

When you want to attack someone, the number of attack turns you use determines how much money you will plunder if you win. Use attacks wisely though, as you only get 1 every 30 minutes. Different races have different bonuses. Keep this in mind when choosing your race.

So Join up and become an officer under my forces and get protection from me. Together we will win! To link it (the actual code):