I've made a new psn I've made a new email ive done everything it tells me on the social club to making a crew I spent

I know as much as the creators about DR2 I loved playing it but lost friends to play with I want someone who is really good a

I know some people dont mind creating hacked accounts I have a main account I'm almost rank 200 legitimately but never fo

I'm amazing at killing other players on GtA V the thing is my.friend who made my crew is not here as often I need someone

http://i.neoseeker.com/mgv/652581/581/114/guardiansoftheunderworld1_display.png ] ✡ ] ✡ ] ✡

I can give you details later when I have my game ;) I'm GoldenGroudon EV'd Store Owner Of The Century! I'm open t

The rules are simple 3vs3 No Restrictions I'm not using illegals you may use UBER's i dont mind I'm not ;) If you

LOOKING FOR: Shiny Lv.1 Aron Careful/Jolly 6IV Shiny v.1 Kangaskhan Jolly 6IV MY OFFERS: I have a ton of EV'd bas

LOOKING FOR: Lv.1 Aron Careful/Jolly Lv.1 Kangaskhan Jolly MY OFFERS: I have a ton of EV'd basically every Pokemon

Hey I need a shiny flawless Mega-Kangaskhan for my team I can't post replies with my computer for some wierd reason but I

Hey guys I'm back for OR/AS so far the confirmed Mega's are as follows: Mega-Metagross Mega-Sceptile Mega-Marshtom

http://i.neoseeker.com/mgv/652581/581/114/guardiansoftheunderworld1_display.png ] ✡ ] ✡ ] ✡

http://i.neoseeker.com/mgv/652581/581/114/guardiansoftheunderworld1_display.png ] ✡ ] ✡ ] ✡

I need 2 Pokémon EV trained I need someone who's fast and usually on Neoseeker ;)

Events: Wishmaker Jirachi Lv.32 Brave Summer 2010 Jirachi Lv.46 Calm Giovanni Japanese New Lv.30 Timid Plasma Deoxys Lv.1

I'm looking for one quick. If you have one with Stance Change I can offer Shiny Flawless Litleo and some shiny flawless e

I need some teams of pokemon made in gen 6 If you can help I have some nice events for you.

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