I can give you details later when I have my game ;) I'm GoldenGroudon EV'd Store Owner Of The Century! I'm open t

The rules are simple 3vs3 No Restrictions I'm not using illegals you may use UBER's i dont mind I'm not ;) If you

LOOKING FOR: Shiny Lv.1 Aron Careful/Jolly 6IV Shiny v.1 Kangaskhan Jolly 6IV MY OFFERS: I have a ton of EV'd bas

LOOKING FOR: Lv.1 Aron Careful/Jolly Lv.1 Kangaskhan Jolly MY OFFERS: I have a ton of EV'd basically every Pokemon

Hey I need a shiny flawless Mega-Kangaskhan for my team I can't post replies with my computer for some wierd reason but I

Hey guys I'm back for OR/AS so far the confirmed Mega's are as follows: Mega-Metagross Mega-Sceptile Mega-Marshtom

http://i.neoseeker.com/mgv/652581/581/114/guardiansoftheunderworld1_display.png ] ✡ ] ✡ ] ✡

http://i.neoseeker.com/mgv/652581/581/114/guardiansoftheunderworld1_display.png ] ✡ ] ✡ ] ✡

I need 2 Pokémon EV trained I need someone who's fast and usually on Neoseeker ;)

Events: Wishmaker Jirachi Lv.32 Brave Summer 2010 Jirachi Lv.46 Calm Giovanni Japanese New Lv.30 Timid Plasma Deoxys Lv.1

I'm looking for one quick. If you have one with Stance Change I can offer Shiny Flawless Litleo and some shiny flawless e

I need some teams of pokemon made in gen 6 If you can help I have some nice events for you.

I've got a clan on the pokemon clan forums called The Guardians Of The Underworld some background: We Guard The Great Jew

That's my offer I'm not sure what I want for him, but he's a one and only I have no clones of him give me some of

If your not busy and would like to help me let me know I'll PM you afterwards. But basically mods closed my thread becaus

Hey guys I'm not on Rockstar Social CLub sadly, my friend (whiteshark1983) is his PSN had taken some photos and uploaded

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