Ok, these are the results for all of the character tests I have taken so far... For FF7 I got...
You are Cloud
You try to seem like a cold person, who really doesn't give a crap. But some people look beyond your cold exterior and find out what a cutie you truly are.

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You are Red XIII
You love thinking about yourself. You seem very mature for your age, but you are jusr a child inside. You take things too seriously sometimes, which leads you to worry too much.

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Which Kingdom Hearts Character are You?

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a user of potions and magical draughts

attentive; considerate; prompt
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For Breath Of Fire IV

I am the Mercenary, Scias! Who are you? Take the 'Which Breath of fire IV character are you?' quiz to find out! Quiz by Casey For Wild ARMs...
Which Wild ARMs Character Are You?

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Which Wild Arms Series Main Character Are You?
How evil are you?

what sort of weirdo are you?
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