Flowerman23 Gohan666
Aug 24, 05 12:51am
Hello. I've seen you around neoseeker so i decided to sign your guestbook. i hope to see you around soon. You can sign back if you want.
Saint someone Gohan666
Aug 14, 05 6:04pm
seen u around the DW forums,hope to know you better and become Neo bro's.I liked DBZ,but I forgot all the names and thingies ;_;

Wanna return the favor?.sign mine!

Youve been dancing with Mr.Brownstone,he's been knocking,he wont leave you alone.
Sephirothefemale Gohan666
May 28, 04 8:44pm
Just signing your guestbook, DADADA alllllllllldone now. SEEEEEEEEEEEE YYYYYYOOOOOOOUUUUU around neooooooooseeeeeeeeeeeeker. bye bye
cute_Jessica Gohan666
Apr 13, 04 6:26am
u signed my guestbook so i'm doing it back. la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la . ok i'm done now.

see u round
nofx_69 Gohan666
Dec 5, 03 12:40pm
Hey I've gone guestbook crazy, and I'm signing every one's guestbook, I don't even know who you are but you like blink 182 and so do i. You should dign my guestbook too for fun.haha.

SerialZero Gohan666
Nov 23, 03 8:43am
Hey man, sorry for being so late in signing your guestbook, seeing as how you were nice enough to sign mine. Love the "*bleep* beware" song. I know for a fact that I've heard that song somewhere before, I just can't remember the band who performs it. I believe I even saw a flash cartoon to that song on NewGrounds.com, you should check it out. LATER.
ViscousSpike Gohan666
Nov 20, 03 7:46am
You signed mine so I'm returning the favor...

Bardock007 Gohan666
Nov 2, 03 1:40pm
its a boring day
ive got nothing to do
except to get a load of *bleep*s
and drive um to the zoo

load them on the bus
just for grass
count um on the road
steppin on the gas
count um on the road
just killed jimmy
count um on the road
with the *bleep*s for screaming

one of them is blowing
a big spit bubble
slammed on the brakes
at the first sign of trouble
head on colission
bodies everywhere
head on colission
*bleep*S BEWARE

please sign my guestbook!
Unspoken Gohan666
Oct 30, 03 7:38am
Hello! Please sign back!

|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| Stupid Length Thingy |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|

bl3nd3r Gohan666
Oct 15, 03 1:56pm

+ You hav3 b33n bl3ss3d by bl3nd3r! ^-^

Apparently, you haven't been paying your rent. I have come to make life a little more easier on ya. How about a game of Scrabble? No? How about a game of hangman? No? Fine, I will wait... I must leave soon. Go to Sleep.

Ultimate Gogeta Gohan666
Oct 10, 03 4:17pm
Heya, I thought I'd just come by to sign your guestbook.

Here's my stamp!

DarkNite93 Gohan666
Oct 7, 03 6:09am
So spoke DarkNite, mindful of hardships and cruel slaughters:

Each dawn, I rise alone, mired in ancient sorrows. Wretched and deprived of my native land, I have my mind bound with fetter. For many years, I lay hidden in the concealment of the earth, buried deep in stone. From there, I went, abject and winter-gireving, over the surface of the waves. I sought the prison of my noble kinsman. Sorrow is a cruel companion to one who can afford few friends, and the path of exile attends this mournful spirit.
And so this world, every day, is crumbling and falling. The rulers lie dead, deprived of revelry, bands of warriors lie fallen proud by the wall. War destroyed some, carried them away; a sorrowful man hid one deep within a grave. Thus the creator of men laid waste this dwelling-place, until the old works of giants stood vacant, without the noise of their inhabitants.
The kingdom of the earth is full of miseries, and the decree of the facts shall change the course of the heavens...
So said DarkNite, set apart in secret meditations.

exsoldierCloudStrife Gohan666
Oct 7, 03 4:11am
nice avatar, cool mix. well i saw that in your bio, you hade mark up. you have to have HTML in it. i think you can do pictures in there?

sign back
black_wing79 Gohan666
Oct 2, 03 3:36pm
nice avatar! just signing caused i happened by
its like catching the wind.......
here is a pic for you
Ultimate Gogeta Gohan666
Sep 30, 03 11:05am
Hey bro, thanks a lot for signin' my g'book again! Well as you insisted, here's my stamp:

Cya in the Loungin' if I ever go again that is..........
PrettyIce Gohan666
Sep 28, 03 10:37pm
Hey! Thanks for signing my gbook. I liked the short random story you posted in you message.

night of the dead Gohan666
Sep 26, 03 10:27am
Thanks for sighnin me gb I will see you around and db,dbz, and dbgt rocks.Well thanks again see you around..er..again then again thanks!!
duskull Gohan666
Sep 18, 03 1:39pm
thanx for signing my guestbook.

well seeya
DragonFang Gohan666
Sep 18, 03 7:28am
You signed my guestbook so now I'm going to return the favor. Thanks for the compliment on my avatar. Alright, well don't have anything else to say so see ya around the forums, peace.

Cory Rulz Gohan666
Sep 17, 03 2:35am
Hey what's up. Just wanted to say thanx for signing my g-bookie, and since your cool i'll sign yours in return. Pm me sometime.

Bye the way i liked your poem:laugh: C'ya
XLoco Gohan666
Sep 16, 03 10:24pm
yo zup? thanks for signing my guestbook
hope u like the picture im giving to you

Spriggan666 Gohan666
Sep 16, 03 10:16pm
thanks for signning my g-b

well hoped u like ur pictures laters
The Unrivalled Gohan666
Sep 16, 03 9:49pm
Hey dude, thanks for liking my avatar, your is pretty good aswell and your stamp is awesome. Here's a pic that I think rocks.

C'ya around Neoseeker.
Peek_a_buu Gohan666
Sep 16, 03 1:42pm
Hey Peek_a_buu here! Loved your poem! I'll see u around the DBZ forums!
Here's some pics for yu'

Don Green Gohan666
Sep 16, 03 3:19am
666666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666
I aM sToNeD