My nick name is Stevo Dirty Poo

im a DUMBASS,and a RETARD.

my favorite shows are That70'sShow, Gundamwing, dragonball, dragonballz, dragonballGt,Smallville, Whos Line Is It Anyways, Just Shoot Me,The Drew Carry Show, SOUTH PARK,
The Jamie Kennedy Experiment,and FREE FOR ALL!!

Favorite Movies are- Gladiator, Spriggan, The 13th Warrior, and all the Dragon Ball Z movies



my favorite sport is Baseball (I LOVE THE GAME) big fan of all HARVESTMOON games,all LEGEND of ZELDA and Supersmash Bro.
and Dynasty Warriors games
in my spare time i play videos games skateboard hang with my girl and movies
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Stevo Dirty Poo

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