I'm a bubbly girl who enjoys pretty much anything that I can get a laugh out of.
I hate it when people randomly say things which can easily offend, even though I offend many people. Turns out I'm something of a hypocrite.

I think that I'm a good person to talk to, and I thrive on my friends. I love meeting up with them and just having a drink and some laughs, although the morning usually brings some unwanted headaches and surprises.

I have lost faith in the world of men. Ive been with a man for 3 years, and I found out shortly before updating this bio that he has been cheating on me for the past 2 years with the girl who made my life hell when I supported my lesbian friend when she came out. So at the moment, I'm considering killing that evil messed up individual and taking his eyes out with my fingers.

I'd love to talk to more of you people off here, so feel free to use my msn address. I dont bite, and maybe I can make a new friend off here.

I'm fiercely proud of my city, I'm always there, and if anybody says a word against it I'll make them cry, :D

Sometimes my grammar is awful and I apologise now, but I'll try my best when posting.

And despite what lankyman says, I am NOT a lesbian!!!!

Big thanks to SadXuHuang for the banner and avatar, and big thanks to elmonmates for the avatars and the stamp! I owe you both!

Anybody want to talk to me about anything, Im usually on here in the afternoon of my country, dont know how that relates to you guys in the U.S of A, or to you, shu figher in the Netherlands ( or Belgium, I forgot!)

To all of my friends on here, I think you are all right little darlings, and I look eagerly forward to shouting it out with the rest of you :D.


I enjoy any sort of fighting games, anything like the Sims, and girly stuff like Singstar Superstar. I actually hate new technology, I'm very anti-capitalist. (That doesn't make me a communist, i just think capitalists are selfish.)

I get my friend to build me a computer, and I pay him fairly and buy the pieces. I dont fund some huge company XD



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