How are you man. Long time. How you been? Wazzup?!

Peace!!! brotha
Thougt I could add my stamp in your guestbook!

hey dude i thought i would come sign you're guest book since you are a broly fan so enjoy the cool stamp

c ya around
just came here to sign your guestbook. enjoy the stamp

Hey just coming to sign your book buddy

Hope to see ya around
Hey there, returing the long overdue stamp as i havent been very active for quite a while, lol i only seem to pop in when new dbz games are being released

Well consider yourself, Konvicted as a sign of our true friendship take this awesome stamp made by myself, Well I added some words but Thanks for the great time we had also Sign Back

and i also like vegeta... not so much in the series but in games and stuff ill ususally always play him..... so dun bag him lol
heyyyyy, looks like im not the only broly fan hehe actually theres heaps of broly fans... got dbz bt2 recently and wanna hurry and get broly..... Ive seen you around in other forums and hope to see ya more..
Thanks for signing my guestbook!I wish I had a stamp but I unfortunaley I don`t.By the way you got a really neat stamp and that monster is probally the most powerful I have ever seen on the Monster Rancher Game.
hey dude Im to layz to get a stamp so here a random pic I was using
i didnt relize you had signed mine lol here you go.

nice name i like it alot and Broly is awsome he is so strong

I've seen you in the Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 forums alot so I thought I'd sign your Guestbook oh check out these threads the Guessing game and the RP thread you might be interested

oh btw do you want to be neofriends?
well i've seen you on the forums for a while without even saying something to you so here=> hi
i really like your pics and the avatars you have, and i used to be a dragon ball z lover too. my fav was normal vegeta and i can see yours is gogeta. i oly have 1 videogame of dbz.

well i'm looking forward to see you on the forums
Well, you asked. So... I signed =)

I should probably make a stamp for this, but I can't really be bothered -_- so I guess I'll just use some more pointless words to get over 125 characters =P
Hey I have made a habit of signing peoples geustbooks who ask them too in their signature so here I am. Unfortunately I am yet to get a stamp
Thanks for the signing and also a happy new year to you !

Of course I'm not a nOOb, cya around man !

Merry xmas and a happy new year! Your a mate.
More words.
blah blah blah blah

from elmo!
I've enjoyed my time over at Neo,you're one of the champs that made it a pleasant stay me and Vegita say Happy New Year 2007 wish you the best

Just stopping by to wish you a Happy New Years. Have a great year, and hope this one was great too. Sign back if you can^^

Hey man thanks for signing my guestbook.
Its good to see another fellow Broly fan! we need to stick together ya know

Hey you signed my GB long ago, I just hecked it now. MERRY CHRISTMAS! (Kinda late, but it doesn´t matter T_T.)

Happy New Year dollface! I know it's been a while and I'm sorry. I hope 2007 is everything you hope it will be!!